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TV-Cap: ARROW/THE FLASH Spinoff Coming, DAREDEVIL Key Art Revealed, & More

It is a beautiful day. This is not simply because it’s Friday –- though that certainly doesn’t hurt –- but because there is exciting news to share. The CW is working on an Arrow and The Flash spinoff show! Bless. That plus Daredevil photos and key art, a new trailer for Powers, Once Upon a Time’s Queens of Darkness and more in today’s TV-Cap. Let’s dive on in.

That Smirk. The streets of Hell’s Kitchen will soon be safer than ever because Daredevil. The Marvel series debuts on Netflix on April 10, and they’ve just released a new poster showing Matt Murdock with bloody knuckles and a smirk. Charlie Cox basically looks perfect. The motion poster is above and you can see the still poster here at Nerdist. Also, visit /Film to see new images from the show featuring Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Kingpin, and more.

Superhero Team-Up. I’ve been continually surprised and impressed by the sheer number of villains and heroes from DC Comics introduced and mentioned on Arrow and The Flash. Some of them deserve more screen time, and it looks like they’ll be getting it. The CW is working with Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim on a superhero team-up spinoff that would debut next season. Brandon Routh (Atom/Ray Palmer), Victor Garber (Martin Stein/Firestorm), Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart/Captain Cold), and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/Black Canary) are believed to be headliners for the series. Deadline also reports that the new project “will include three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series.” The project is still in early stages of development, but all of my things are crossed because this idea has such potential. [Deadline]

Catch Up. Happy House of Cards day! Season three of the series is available on Netflix right now, right this very second. If you need a refresher before you settle in for a marathon, The Fine Brothers have recapped the first two seasons in just nine minutes. [Nerdist]


Ch-Ch-Changes. Skye has recently undergone some Inhuman changes on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she’s not the only person who’s transformed. Raina isn’t herself either. A new poster by Gabriele Dell’Otto for the midseason premiere debuted on Entertainment Weekly and continues Marvel’s Art of Level 7 series. It hints at Raina’s new appearance but keep in mind some artistic license was taken. Read more about the poster and the midseason premiere at EW. [CBR]

For the Sake of Family. This week’s Arrow took a trip to “Nanda Parbat.” Oliver Queen’s love for his sister led to some interesting decisions as did Thea’s intense dislike for her father. Also, there was an Atom suit. Read Kyle’s review of the episode.

The DEO and a Doctor. Supergirl has added two more characters to the roster. Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) will play Kara’s foster sister Alex Danvers. Her fascination with Kara’s abilities made her interested in science and led to her becoming a doctor. David Harewood (Selfie) is on board as Hank Henshaw. He runs the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) and tracks alien threats on Earth. [The Hollywood Reporter]

“All of Us Can Rise.” PlayStation’s Powers is just around the corner. The series based on the comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming premieres on March 10 and stars Sharlto Copley as Christian Walker. Walker is currently a detective in the Los Angeles Powers division, but he used to be someone with powers. A new teaser emphasizes his detective status and hints at some of the conflict the character wrestles with. [CBR]

One Hell of a Party. Darkness is gathering in Storybrooke, as in the Queens of. Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil are sweeping into Once Upon a Time this Sunday, and TV Fanatic has a clip that shows their first meeting. I want to be invited next time.


Witches at War. Things are looking rather dramatic for the next season of Salem. Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) must defend her throne and role as the most powerful witch in town as war rips across the village. Season two premieres on April 5, and WGN America has released a series of striking posters to tease the war ahead. See more key art at Deadline.

Which characters would you like to see appear on The CW’s superhero team-up show? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. tj says:

    three major DC characters who have never appeared in a TV series…isn’t it obvious…they’re talking about Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog

  2. Atte says:

    I’m always happy to see Cold, but is he going to be the villain? That’s logical, but still, kinda interesting.

  3. tom says:

    Sara Lance? She’s dead.