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TV-Cap: An Update on AMERICAN GODS Adaptation, URBAN COWBOY TV Remake, & More

June is almost upon us, and you should start preparing your TiVo accordingly. Long gone are the times when summer was all about reruns. A large numbers of shows are premiering on Netflix, cable, and network TV in the next month. We discuss a couple of them in today’s TV-Cap—Ballers and Hannibal, specifically. Keep going to see a trailer and clip for those shows, to get an update on American Gods, to see a picture of Patrick Stewart running on a Jaguar, and much more.

Believe in This Update. The world of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is a rich one with the potential to be quite amazing on television. In summer 2014, Starz announced they were developing an adaptation of the book with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green at the helm, and Den of Geek recently asked Fuller for an update. The show hasn’t received an official pick-up, but if Starz greenlights it, we could see it join the schedule in late 2016. Fuller said the first two scripts have been written, they’ve worked with artists to create illustrations of the world, and they’ll be giving a visual presentation to Starz. No one has been cast yet, but they have approached one actor. Read more about casting and diversity in American Gods at Den of Geek. [Comic Book Resources]

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy. In case you didn’t believe it, everything really does come back around. Proof? The 1980 film Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta is being developed for television by Paramount TV and 20th Century Fox TV and Craig Brewer. Brewer’s on board in multiple roles for the pilot: writing, executive producing, and directing. Whew. Variety says the action and Bud and Sissy romance will be set “against the gritty backdrop of rodeos, oil refineries, line dancing clubs and other aspects of modern-day Texas.” The use of the word gritty is an interesting choice. [Slashfilm]

A Different Game. Dwayne Johnson keeps busy. He’s portraying the hero in San Andreas and also a financial manager in HBO’s Ballers. The original series debuts its 10-episode first season on June 21, and HBO’s released a second trailer. Spencer (Johnson) is a retired football star trying to help other players. Though sports isn’t my thing, I’m looking forward to checking this show out.

Educate Yourself. Looking for a new sci-fi series to enjoy? You’re in luck because our own Kyle Anderson enthusiastically recommends Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Not sure what the animated series is all about? He has you covered.

Protect the Jaguar. Patrick Stewart’s on the run in his role as Walter Blunt for Starz’s Blunt Talk. Blunt is trying to take cable news by storm, but real life keeps getting in the way. The above photo shows Blunt running from the cops after being caught with a prostitute. Oops. Executive producer Jonathan Ames says Stewart owns the same model Jaguar: “I was reassured that he was more than familiar with running onto its roof.” I don’t know why, but this does not surprise me. Blunt Talk premieres on August 22. [TV Insider]

Giving Back. Regardless of your feelings towards the way The Big Bang Theory portrays geeks, you should applaud the series for this: More than fifty individuals working on the CBS show and CBS, Warner Bros., and the Chuck Lorre Foundation have put together a four million dollar scholarship for UCLA to help interested teens get into STEM. [Nerdist]

Passing on the Chair. The next era of The Daily Show is nearly upon us. Jon Stewart is departing on August 6, and Trevor Noah is moving into his chair. And now we know the exact date Noah will be taking the reigns: It’s September 28. [Deadline]

Aunt Becky Returns. You can add one more familiar face to the list for Netflix’s Full House sequel Fuller House. Lori Loughlin will return as Aunt Becky. She announced the news during a Good Morning America appearance. Given the show’s focus on D.J. and her family, I’m not sure how much Becky will be around but I’ll take whatever I get because I always wanted to have an aunt just like her. [Deadline]

Going Hunting. When most of us are hungry, we go to the grocery store and wander the aisles until our carts are full. Not Hannibal Lecter. The above clip from the Season 3 premiere shows Hannibal at a cocktail party, surveying the crowed like the predator that he is. I’m pretty sure I’ve looked at steaks the same way he looks at the crowd. Season 3 of Hannibal premieres on June 4. [TVLine]

Are you interested in seeing an Urban Cowboy television series? Share your opinion in the comments.

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