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TV-Cap: Allison Williams as PETER PAN, LITTLE RASCALS Reunite, and a New KEY & PEELE Webisode

Hello, television obsessives! And welcome to your safe space. The place where we dissect and dish about all the latest small screen doings via your very own Nerdist TV-Cap. Today was no doubt an emotional whirlwind for us all, given the many things that went on. From Game of Thrones to Little Rascals, no fandom was safe from the clutches of time and reality.

It’s a Horror Show for The Good Wife Showrunners: Brain Dead, a new series from the people who brought you maybe the best show CBS has ever seen, is described as “The West Wing meets The Strain.” It’s a comedic horror hourlong show set in the world of D.C. politics so color us very, very, very intrigued. But also don’t they just call that “American politics” in general, har har har? [Deadline]

Allison Williams as Peter Pan: This one? Well it doesn’t really need a caption, does it? Enjoy your Marnie nightmares tonight: [Defamer]


Gang Related Gets the Boot: Ouch — FOX did not have a good drama year overall, did it? Looks like their returning freshman drama will be Sleepy Hollow now that we’ve gotten official word that Gang Related has been cancelled. Onto the next. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Demon Within: Here’s that Supernatural poster for season 10: [Nerdist]

Key and Peele are the Best, the End: Is this show the best? This show might be the best. It is certainly one of the funniest things on Comedy Central and considering the fact that network is also home to Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer, that’s really saying something. Nerdist loves us some Key & Peele! [Paste]

Syfy Gets Miniseries’d: Childhood’s End, the 1953 classic novel is coming to the small screen. Want to know what the world would look like under peaceful alien rule? Well pretty soon you will. (Spoiler alert: it’s a utopia of peaceful sameness.) Given the pedigree involved on this one, we’re actually pretty excited. [Deadline]

The Rumors are TRUE!: The Tick is returning. [Nerdist]

Gotham Goes to Netflix: In a deal that’s sure to be exciting for comic book fans outside of the U.S. (or you weirdos that get weirdly proud about not having cable), Fox and the juggernaut have reached a licensing deal for the upcoming freshman drama Gotham that will secure streaming rights in all of Netflix’s territories. Which is to say: the world? Yeah, the rest of the world. So there you go! [The Wall Street Journal]

Have Grandpas, Will Travel: Now this sounds just delightfully insane enough for us to want to watch. A South Korean travel show called Grandpas Over Flowers (YES THAT IS ITS NAME) will be adapted by NBC for U.S. audiences and you had us at grandpas. Also LOOK AT THIS VIDEO IT IS A GIFT: [Entertainment Weekly]

BONUS Game of Thrones Business: UPROXX has an exclusive look at the book behind seasons three and four of Game of Thrones if you’re into looking at things on the Internet that are made to be held in your hands (C’mon! Give reality a try why don’tcha?!): [UPROXX]

Dax Shepard Loves CHiPS: I mean, we all love chips, don’t we? I had some of the potato variety as my lunch yesterday by accident, fun fact! Oh wait you mean that TV show called CHiPS? And he’s writing, directing, and starring in a movie version? Whatever you want, Mr. Kristen Bell. [Slashfilm]

Little Rascals All Growed Up: I’ve got a dollar, I’ve got a dollar, I’ve got a dollar hey hey hey hey! [E! Online]


So — who else really, really, really wants this Brain Dead show to be great, eh? Let us know in the comments.

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  1.  the boxing glove on a lever that would appear from a door on Spanky’s go-cart to punch a mouthy grown-up was priceless. 

  2. Luanne says:

    Those kids are not *THE* Little Rascals.  They are imposters! 

  3. Orionsangel says:

    Why do they always get women to play Peter Pan? It’s so creepy!