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Turn Barbie Dolls Into DOCTOR WHO’s Weeping Angels

I’ll never forget the feeling of horror I experienced when I met Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels. The aliens were first introduced in “Blink,” and I’d argue it’s one of the best episodes of television in any genre. While the scare factor of the Weeping Angels has become diluted due to overuse, they still have a creepy visage that comes across even when the Angels are actually Barbie dolls. I mean, Barbies were already scary enough, but this makeover takes it to another level.


Anthropolywog shared the Barbie to Weeping Angels tutorial on Offbeat Home, and I’d rate the project at a medium difficulty. The biggest supply you’ll need is patience, and six Barbies (the cheap dollar store kind), primer, Krylon stone texture spray paint, feathers, fabric, and hot glue sticks are also among the materials required. Barbie mutilation is required if your dolls don’t have elbow joints – brace yourself.


After the dolls have received plastic surgery held in place by hot glue, they’re draped with rectangles of fabric that were tied into place. Then came the feathers and wings which appear to be the most time-consuming part of the project. Eventually the Barbies and their new wings were covered in primer and then granite texture spray paint. The result is spooky enough to give any Who fan the shivers.


The Barbie Weeping Angels would be fun to give away at your next Doctor Who-themed party (maybe for the Series 8 premiere?) or to make for a friend who loves all things tied to the Time Lord.

HT: Tor

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  1. Ryan Conerly says:

    looks like the biggest supply we’ll need is PHOTOSHOP… .. .  rest might fly, but that first header picture is ‘shopped to death.  i’m a graphic designer & photo analyst/restorer and i’d know that ‘Add Noise’ filter when i see it… <FAIL>

    • Noel Taylor says:

      Obviously you aren’t looking hard enough mate! That doesn’t look like add noise at all! I’d put money on it being textured paint. <FAIL at pointing out a FAIL!> Lulz.
      Source: 25 years as a model maker and 20 years as a Photoshop artist!

  2. Anthony says:

    This is the ONLY Dr. Who I have seen, loved it and plan on watching the new series. Though I am interested in watching older who’s but don’t know where to start, season 1? What about season 5?

    • Sketch says:

      Don’t beretarded. Start with series one.

    • Sketch says:

      Oh crap, sorry. I thought you said you were going to start with series 5. Likeyou were going to skip to that.And that’s a pet peeve of mine:P

  3. Robert says:

    In fairness, Others have been doing these for a while now, Nerdist is slow to this story.

    Look up Sara Franz-wichlacz and her wich-crafting blog post from 2011

  4. RobotXRobot says:

    The best use of a Barbie doll to date.

  5. Atria says:

    Anything that looks like an angel is an angel.

  6. Josh says:

    Is that Lemarchand’s box? Fabulous.

  7. Dawn Maier says:

    Someone did an amazing one with a Monster High doll. Barbies/fashion dolls with joints aren’t really too hard to find these days, almost every line has one

  8. Ken Race says:

    A co-worker did something similar for her Dr. Who Christmas tree.

  9. The Angels have the Dream House!

  10. Charlene says:

    Can you add a pintrest button?  That would be cool to try ….