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How Joss Whedon is Already Shaping the New DCEU

The Justice League reshoots are getting underway, and it appears Joss Whedon‘s influence is already being felt across the DC Extended Universe. Last month, Whedon placed his Batgirl film on hold while he stepped in to help finish the Justice League film by writing new scenes and acting as the director through the end of post-production. At the time, it was assumed that Whedon’s new scenes were going to be small scenes that revolved around character moments and comedy. But as you’ll see in today’s Nerdist News, the reshoots are anything but small.

There may be minor spoilers ahead for Justice League. Citizens of Earth, this is your first and only warning.


Join host and the most super Super Friend, Jessica Chobot, as she runs down the immediate changes coming to the Justice League film. As many fans have noticed, the massive sets constructed for the reshoots appear to be very similar to the Hall of Justice, the famous headquarters of the League. That alone suggests a significantly lighter tone than we’ve come to expect from the DCEU.

But there’s more than just visual changes. Composer Junkie XL has been replaced by Danny Elfman, one of the best film composers in the industry. So we’re likely to hear a lot fewer electric guitars and more sweeping orchestral themes along the lines of Elfman’s Batman and Spider-Man scores. Elfman also contributed to the Avengers: Age of Ultron soundtrack, but Justice League will be his first chance to score a full superhero movie in over ten years.


Even more encouragingly, DC Entertainment’s Jon Berg and Geoff Johns have gone on the record about some of the tone and story problems that plagued the earlier DCEU films. Adding Whedon to the team and following the example set by Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie could go a long way towards giving fans the DC films that are true to the spirit and optimism of the characters that inspired them.

What do you think about about Joss Whedon’s influence on the DCEU? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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