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TRON LEGACY Is Getting an Official LEGO Set

We’ll have to call it Tron LEGO-cy now, right?

Thanks to LEGO Ideas, we’ll soon be seeing a modern-era light cycle with Sam Flynn. Why Sam, you might ask, even though his dad is better known? We’re thinking it involves Shanghai Disneyland’s Tron Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster, which is also soon to come to Walt Disney World. Disney is going to want toys to sell in the inevitably adjacent gift shop, and everyone loves LEGO! Plus, the coaster is themed to the more recent movie, so even kids who’ve never seen either Tron film will recognize the set as their ride.

This set beat out several other popular license ideas, including Power Rangers and The Office. But Disney was probably easier to clear all the hurdles with, since they already endorsed a WALL-E set for a previous LEGO Ideas winner.

This Tron set was designed by BrickBrosUK, and will probably just be a one-off set for the license, like previous winners The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who. The final production model may also vary; LEGO makes the decision based on the idea, but lets their master builders come up with the best final execution of it. Let’s just hope they keep the light bricks in, because Tron without light-up or glowing elements just wouldn’t feel…Tron-ic.

Considering the way objects and characters in Legacy de-rezzed by shattering into many tiny bricks, you could argue that this keeps a key action feature intact. Throw it against the wall and watch it do the same thing! (You might not want to actually do that.)

Are you ready to get your LEGO on the grid? Let us know in comments below.

Images: LEGO Ideas


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