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From Trash to Transformers, This Father and Son Bond Over Metal Sculptures

Is sharing a father and son team of nerdy builders a bit too on-the-nose for a post on Father’s Day? Probably, but come on! There’s likely no cooler an activity you can do with your dad than building giant Transformers statues.

The father and son duo of Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun and their amazing metal statues pop up online from time to time, but a recent video by YouTube’s Great Big Story shares a bit more than we’ve seen in the past. The Chinese farmers-turned-artists have been honing their craft for nearly a decade producing gargantuan statues out of scrap metal. Not only has business boomed over the years, but working together has brought the father and son team closer together as well. (Note: I am trying SO hard not to make a comment about their bond being stronger than the metal they join together.)

And while their Transformer statues are a big hit, over the years the pair have branched out to create original sculpture designs which just might be cooler than their robot recreations.Metalworktransformer001

All things considered–the life, successful career, and bond that Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun have created over the years is something truly awe-inspiring. This father and son found something they love doing together and made it into an artistic (and lucrative) career. This is especially awesome if you consider the undeniably hard life of farming Yu Zhilin had before the pair started their craft.

What do you think of the father and son sculptures? Ever have a business idea with your dad (like making videos where you break open diamond ore)? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: Great Big Story

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