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Trailer for New BACK TO THE FUTURE Short ‘Doc Brown Saves the World’

October 21, 2015, the day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer arrive(d?) in the future to help save Marty and Jennifer’s kids from ruin. The world of their future was bright and clean, full of flying cars and hoverboards.

Well, we’re just a few weeks away from them showing up and we still don’t have our damn hoverboards. We need answers, and we’re about to get them, with a new Back to the Future short-film starring Christopher Lloyd, titled “Doc Brown Saves the World,” where we can expect an explanation about why the future has turned out a little differently than we saw in the second movie.

The new short will be a part of the special thirtieth anniversary Blu-Ray/DVD release of the trilogy, which comes out on, you guessed it, “Back to the Future Day,” October 21.

In the trailer, Doc arrives back in the future in the DeLorean on that ever so important day, in a very modern looking laboratory. Try not to geek out when The Doc starts frantically looking around while that iconic score plays, followed by the best “To be Continued…” in movie history.

With a new documentaryBack in Time, about the films’ production and cultural impact set to be released next month, the last date in the Back to the Future timeline is getting the recognition it deserves. It’s all enough to almost make up for the lack of hoverboards.


To continue celebrating, what’s your favorite Back to the Future scene? I vote for Doc’s gasping face of horror when his mini-car burst into flames. Tell us yours in the comments below.

So while we may not have the hoverboards from the films, Kyle Hill did get to try out Hendo hoverboard, which looks pretty McFly if you ask us.

HT: Variety
mage: Universal Studios/YouTube

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