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New BACK TO THE FUTURE Minimates Hitting Shelves in 2016

You guys! It’s almost time for Marty McFly to come to the future and hoverboard his way into our hearts in real life. Wait… my editors inform me that Back to the Future was a film series and not in fact documentary footage somehow misplaced in time. Well, I could give one point twenty-one gigacraps about what others think because I know my belief in the gospel of BTTF is true and we will see the arrival the one and true McFly later this year. He shall be adorned in the holiest of auto-dry garments and bestow “heavy” tidings upon us all.

And while Marty’s appearance next month will certainly change the world, we still will have BTTF things to look foward to — like these Back to the Future Minimate figures that will be available early 2016!


Granted, they’re not as popular as LEGO or Funko Pop! Figures, but there is something to be said for the care and specific detail put into these. Yes, the toys are simplified but when you put a copy of “A Match Made In Space” in silver fox George McFly’s hand, it shows there is someone at Minimates with a deep fandom for the films.


We were going to let the wheels on the hoverboard slide as Marty was an avid skateboarder to begin with, but he’s got his BTTF2 garb on so… No, we’re better than this. It’s fine. Taking the high road. Also, the tiny Flux Capacitor kind of makes up for it. (Note: The Delorean is getting re-released with the new Marty.)


What characters from the Back to the Future would you like to see immortalized in plastic? BTTF3’s ZZ-Top? The various manure carts? Doc’s son who really wants us to look at his junk? Let us know in the comments below

HT: io9

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