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Toyota Recreates Marty’s Tacoma Truck for BACK TO THE FUTURE Day

Doc’s time-traveling DeLorean gets all the Back to the Future love, but lots of cars played important roles in the films, both to reflect the timeline of the characters as well as their class status. To celebrate Back to the Future Day, Toyota announced it will be honoring one of the other automobiles from the films by showing off special Toyota Tacomas based on the one Marty lusted after in the films. You remember it, all awesome and cool.


Fans in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York City will be able to see the special versions today, at what Toyota is calling “major tourist destinations.” We imagine they were all waxed up by Biff’s Auto Detailing. Two coats.


Toyota says they made a number of modifications to their 2016 Tacoma to capture the look of the one Marty so desperately wanted to use to take Jennifer to the lake (he had been planning it for two whole weeks mind you).

Some of the modifications highlights include:

  • A custom 1985 black exterior paint job
  • Lots of KC HiLite driving lamps
  • A badge for D-4S fuel injection
  • 1985 mud flaps
  • Custom tubular bumpers for the front and rear
  • Custom headlights and taillights
  • The classic “TOYOTA” logo

The DeLorean would be a lot of fun to drive/fly, but man, this, this is what you’d want if you were heading to the lake. Plus, I bet with all that power you’d easily be able to beat Needles off the line–oh man just let me race him one time–sorry, sorry, it’s like I learned nothing from these movies.

We’ve got a few more pictures of the special Tacoma in our gallery, so make sure to check them out.

What vehicle from Back to the Future would you most want to own, assuming the DeLorean can’t actually go back in time, but hoverboards exist. Tell us in the comments below.

1985 Tacoma Image: Universal Pictures
2015 Tacoma Images: Toyota


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