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Creative TOY STORY Shoes Go to Infinity and Beyond

Pixar is on a roll. Toy Story Land is opening at Walt Disney World in June, and Pixar Pier‘s set to open on the West coast at Disneyland next month, too. With all this imaginative storytelling come to life, it’s time to start planning your outfits for your first visits. And it just so happens Irregular Choice, known for their whimsical shoe designs, has released a timely line of Toy Story shoes that feature all your favorite characters. The shoes are so unique, it’s like wearing actual toys on your feet.

The line of imaginative designs evoke the feeling and style of the animated movies, from the faux leather and fabric appliques that will remind you of Woody’s cowboy attire, to metallics reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear’s futuristic wear.

One of Irregular Choice’s hallmarks is chunky heels, and for Toy Story, they cleverly use stacked toys. In the above heel, Woody and Buzz replicas hold up your feet to make them soar to infinity and beyond.

For those who want an easier time walking, little green aliens and Rex shoes are more comfortable styles that still evoke a playful feel, while charming Woody and Bullseye flats make sure there’s definitely no snake in your boot.

Not to be outdone, cowgirl Jessie gets a tall in the saddle ankle-strapped heel with lots of denim and buckles for good measure. But the best part of these decorative duds are the actual metal spurs attached to the back to make you feel like a real cowpoke. Yee-haw!

Get a closer look at the designs in the gallery below and grab your own pair of these Toy Story themed creative kicks at

Which Toy Story shoes will you wear to bring out your inner playfulness? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on Twitter to show us your best Toy Story outfits!


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