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Nike Makes Delicious Chicken and Waffles Sneakers

Perhaps you love chicken and waffles so much that you not only dream of eating it 24/7, but to the point where you actually think about wearing it on your body. Okay, that’s just me, but now it’s possible. Because Nike has released the ultimate in treats for your feet. Their special Chicken and Waffles sneakers made their debut this week, and they couldn’t look more delicious.

The perfect savory and sweet combo, chicken and waffles is an original American soul food collaboration. It’s the syrup that bring the two together in the ultimate bond. Nike states that chicken and waffles are a favorite meal of Nike SB pros, so I guess that means wearing them on their feet just makes sense.

These Nike SB premium shoes are made with a special light brown woven fabric with flexible rubber SB Dunk outsoles, fitted with Zoom Air heel units for cushioning. I assume this means it feels like you’re walking on waffles but don’t quote me on that.

The iconic Nike Swoosh is dripping in sweet syrup, and its realism is what stirs the hunger inside of me. On the interior of the shoe, you’ll find even more delicious decor, with custom chicken and waffles artwork.

chicken and waffles sneakers leviatate-04062016

These mouth-watering sneakers will set you back $110—about 10 times the amount of a real plate of chicken and waffles. My only wish is that these would actually smell like chicken and waffles so as to daze your opponent with cravings so that you might make that sweet syrupy layup all on your own.

Check out more photos in the gallery, because you need all the angles of this amazing shoe. Chicken and Waffle sneakers are available at local Nike SB retailers and online at

Would you wear Chicken and Waffles sneakers? You know I would. Let us know in the comments!

IMAGES: NIKE, Geeky Tyrant
H/T: Geeky Tyrant


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