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Tom Holland’s SPIDER-MAN Will ‘Steal’ from Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield

Next year, Tom Holland will become the third actor to portray Spider-Man on the big screen. Holland will also be the first live-action Spider-Man to play off of other Marvel superheroes in Captain America: Civil War before spinning off into his own currently untitled film in 2017.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have kept a very tight wrap on the secrets of the new Spider-Man film. All we know for sure is that Marvel and Sony want to explore more of Peter Parker’s high school years without rehashing his origin story, and that Marisa Tomei will be playing Aunt May. Holland may be freed from having to relive those very familiar scenes, but he is still looking to his predecessors in some regard.

“The only difference I’m going to tell you is that I’m way younger, and at the moment, there’s going to be both things from Tobey [Maguire] and Andrew’s [Garfield] character that I’m going to steal,” said Holland while speaking to Variety. “But there’s one very specific path that [director] Jon [Watts] and I agree on and we’d like to take the character down and explore his background.”

Holland was also very forthcoming about the initial backlash against his casting.

“Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it just gives me more motivation to prove them wrong when I do start shooting the movie,” related Holland. “And hopefully I will and it would be good fun.”

Holland is currently promoting his new film, In the Heart of the Sea by director Ron Howard. In the Variety story, Howard spoke very highly of Holland and endorsed his take on Spidey.

“Tom has the best qualities. He’s energetic, he’s charismatic and he impressed us every day with his strong work ethic,” said Howard. “He has a great combination of physical ability and his willingness to throw himself into situations and still be connected to a character emotionally in ways that rings true.”

The next Spider-Man movie will be released on July 28, 2017.

Are you looking forward to Holland’s debut as Spider-Man? Let us know in the comment section below!

HT: Variety

Image Credit: Sony Pictures/Marvel

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