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Tom Hanks Says Dante’s INFERNO Invented the Modern-Day Horror Film

As Halloween approaches, many moviegoers will be looking for a scary cinematic offering to enjoy while October comes to a close. We have an offbeat suggestion: taking a break from portraying David S. Pumpkins this weekend is Tom Hanks, whose latest movie, Inferno, is in theaters now and is more seasonally appropriate than you might expect. Hanks is once again Robert Langdon, the beloved character first introduced in Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons, and who has since appeared in three additional books and three films. All of those movies were directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard, but this one has felt just a little bit different from its predecessors, due in large part to its horror and historical influences.

Using Dante’s Inferno and the classic Botticelli painting as inspiration, Howard, Hanks, and series newcomer Felicity Jones are led on a dangerous excursion through Italy, stopping off at a few other world landmarks along the way. While it’s not necessarily your traditional Halloween offering, the influence of horror imagery in this film can’t be ignored; Hanks and Howard believe Dante’s Inferno to be the biggest influence over modern horror today, and much of that can be seen in their movie of the same name.  I had the chance to sit down with them, as well as Felicity Jones, Ben Foster, and Omar Sy to discuss these influences, which make this particular Robert Langdon adaptation unlike its predecessors.

Watch our conversation now and don’t miss Inferno, now playing in theaters everywhere!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

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