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Episode 5: Today We Learned
April Richardson

Today We Learned #5: April Richardson

What scent have scientists discovered that drives women mad? What was dropped on a Japanese fishing boat from 30,000 feet? What were Walt Disney’s cryptic last words? Find out all this and more on an all new episode of Today We Learned with special guest April Richardson (Chelsea LatelyGo Bayside Podcast, stand-up) and, as always, your beloved hosts.

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  1. thistown says:

    Sorry, who was making the ‘snoring’ sound effect when April mentioned Matt Taibbi? On this “Podcast of Knowledge”??
    (Thankfully she responded to that with, “What?? He’s awesome!”)

    This is the first episode I’ve attempted to listen to, mainly because I like April… I’m not sure if “Razzle” (or Dan?) just doesn’t know who Taibbi is and doesn’t care, OR maybe he *does* know and is just bored by actual in-depth knowledge/learning and only enjoys under-the-Snapple-lid type “fun facts”? Either way is not good!

    PS: The podcast “Probably Science” (Matt Kirshen & Andy Wood), is conceptually quite similar to this, and they are nearing their 100th episode. It’s a good show 😉

  2. gorillahandz says:

    I don’t usually look to flame the creative efforts of others, but I figured some constructive criticism wouldn’t be met with complete ire. I attempted to listen to this episode and couldn’t make it past 5 minutes. One reason I couldn’t make it were the uneven mic levels; one person came in just right, but one person was peaking consistently, and another was too far away from the mic. Second reason was that they were talking over each other. I understand you want high energy, but there was too much talking over one another. The third reason I found it not listenable was due to someone, and I believe it was the guest, was banging on the table where the mics were, which was the last straw. Sorry, you guys, I know I may come off like a dick here, but compared to the other podcasts on this network this one didn’t sound up to the bar set by the others. Was Katie not producing this episode? I just feel someone, especially Katie, monitoring it would have helped reign it in.

  3. Ethan Lutece says:

    I have enjoyed listening to this podcast. This episode was funny with April but I can’t get over a grown man referring to himself as Razzle.