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Titan Brings DISHONORED to Comics This Fall

It’s going to be a big year for fans of the first Dishonored game. Bethesda and Arkane Studios are dropping Dishonored 2 in November, but first the series will become a true franchise with new comics and novels from Titan Comics.

Titan Comics and Bethesda have jointly announced a Dishonored miniseries by writer Gordon Rennie, artist Andrea Olimpieri, and colorist Marcelo Maiolo. Dishonored #1 will be released in August, with three subsequent issues in September and October. But if you’re waiting for the trade, you won’t have to wait very long. Titan is rushing out the collection of the miniseries for a November release, to coincide with the new game.

The storyline of the comic will catch up with Corvo Attano twelve years after the events of Dishonored, as the supernaturally empowered assassin considers taking on an apprentice. But it’s not long before Corvo is once again drawn into “an otherworldly conspiracy, one that threatens to shake the very foundations of his ancient city.”

Given that Emily Kaldwin will be one of the player controlled characters in Dishonored 2, perhaps the comic will shed some light on how she learned some of her lethal skills. Maybe she’ll even be Corvo’s apprentice in this tale.

Dishonored 1 Cover A Fabio Listrani

Titan has also released the first four covers for Dishonored #1 by Olimpieri, Fabio Listrani, and Charles Bae which you can see in our gallery below alongside a cover using imagery from the game itself.

And if that’s not enough Dishonored for you, Titan is also publishing three Dishonored novels, with the first one, Dishonored – The Corroded Man scheduled for September 2016. Adam Christopher is writing that book and its two follow up novels, which are slated to be published in 2017.

Are you excited about the Dishonored comics and novels from Titan? Let us know in the comment section below!

Wanna read the book but didn’t play the game? Play it but need a refresher? Fear not!

Images: Titan Comics


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