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This Year’s HOMESTAR RUNNER Halloween Toon Cuts Right to the Best Part

The absolute best part of every October is getting a new Homestar Runner Halloween cartoon (the few years the Chapman Brothers took off making them are forever known as the Internet’s Dark Ages, when life had no meaning). And the best part of these cartoons are their final scenes, where the characters all stand around commenting on each others costumes. And yes, I know it’s weird that we wait a whole year to get a new toon, and then can’t wait to get to the end of it. But Homestar Runner gets it, and this year they didn’t waste any time, cutting right to the end in the new Halloween spectacular “Later That Night…”

Rather then give us a typical “hilarious Halloween adventure” or premise, the cartoon opens with the characters in their familiar “last sene” spot: the middle of the woods. The toon begins by talking about things that definitely happened earlier that night, which allows for some cult favorite characters to get their moments in the sun (or moon, if you prefer). We catch up with Senor Cardgage, a special “pumpkin spiced-latte-flavored-banana-bread-malloween” Marshie, the goblin and the jibblies painting (who’ve tied the knot, by the way), and Strong Bad as the super obscure Sharp Dean. (Stick around for the end, where these scenes get a longer look.)


But from there it’s mostly just the entire gang in their usual meeting spot, with Homestar Runner as confused as ever. Now I don’t know if this is the most obscure set of costumes they have ever done, but it is definitely up there.

Here’s the full breakdown with explanations of the get-ups:

Strong Mad: Rachel and Monica’s door from Friends
Poopsmith: Flaming Globes of Sigmund (from Seinfeld, the episode in which Jerry wrote down a funny line, but couldn’t remember where he had heard it from—it turned out to be from an obscure B-movie, which starred Larry David himself as the speaker)
Marzipan: Margot Tenebaum from The Royal Tenebaums
Bubs: Billy Mitchell, famous video game player and owner of a line of hot sauces
Coach Z: rapper Kwamé of late 80s/early 90s (sorta) fame
Homestar: Mr. B Natural, from the 1956 short film and later Mystery Science Theater 3000
Strong Bad: No Face, from the anime film Spirited Away
The King of Town: Scrubbing Bubbles
Strong Sad: Utz Potato Chip Girl
The Cheat: The Angriest Dog in the World, from the David Lynch comic strip
Homsar: Zebraman, from the 2004 film by Takashi Miike
Pom Pom: Sunshine Bird, .the Florida citrus mascot

Wow. If you got all of those immediately without being told that is both amazing and totally nuts.


Also, because I’m obsessed with these Halloween episodes enough that I once determined the best costume from every single Halloween episode, I’ll give the nod this year to The King of Town. Not only is it obvious what he is, but that’s a damn impressive costume. It really utilizes the shape of his body perfectly. Honorable mentions go to Strong Sad, Strong Mad, and Marzipan.

Now the worst part of the year begins: being as far away as possible from a new Homestar Runner Halloween episode. It’s too bad we can’t just skip to the end of this yearlong stretch.

What did you think of this year’s Halloween toon? Which costume was your favorite? You guys, we want evwybody to go into our comments section below and tell us.

Images: homestarrunnerdotcom/YouTube

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