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This Week in Science: Volcanic Lightning and Embryo Editing

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

By ignoring sponges, we blind ourselves to a hidden biology and get a misleading view of evolution.”

∞ Volcanic lightning is also known as a “dirty thunderstorm,” which is totally not a sex thing

Pepsi Ditching Aspartame Is Not a Good Thing

Hiker captures the exact moment when the Calbuco volcano erupted

Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches

Are ancient viruses embedded in our DNA helping embryos form?

How big is the Sun really?

∞ We’ve edited the first human embryos. What’s next?

What you can learn from putting the famous barking dog experiment on its side

“…Whether a product contains GMOs? Not informative or relevant in the least.

The impressive engineering of the soda can

The overuse of supplements isn’t just useless, it’s potentially harmful

*Another* large study finds no link between the MMR vaccine and autism

Despite Attempted Curbs, Animal Antibiotic Use in US Still Increasing

Lava loves Chef Boyardee

The sea pig tastes like poison, not bacon

Just one pulse of oxytocin can turn inattentive mice into loving moms

∞ Some wild chimps have learned to look both ways before crossing the street

Do try this at home: Using air pressure to make an instant cloud in a bottle

Perhaps its an oxytocin loop that makes dogs so snuggleable

Poke a hole in a ping pong ball, submerge in liquid nitrogen, then remove. Watch as expanding gas revs it up

Oh, just a 1,000 crab pile-up

This is why your knuckles crack. It only took us 68 years to figure out

∞ A close encounter of the whale kind

For the love of Darwin stay away from the Spanish fly

The octopus that is a blanket

How to make your message in a bottle stand the test of time

Australia To Stop Payments To Families Who Refuse Child Vaccinations

Take Veritasium’s beaker balance challenge

Did you predict what would happen in Veritasium’s “simple” physics problem?

I love insects, but parastic wasps…I don’t know what to do with them

Huh. The bounce test for batteries actually kinda works

This is how the planet of the apes starts

∞ We won’t run out of names, names will run out of us. They will own us.

Fast food is just as good at replenishing energy after a work out

Bare-knuckle boxing is *way safer* than boxing with gloves

Lampreys are slimy, hated, bloodsuckers. But they are valuable ecosystem engineers


Extreme Nerdery

What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR?

∞ Captain America had the original “miracle weight-building supplement”

Delightful travel posters imagine our future expansion into the solar system

How you sit in the chair says a lot about your character

∞ Science adds another Muppet to the literature

And the worst-dressed character in Final Fantasy is…

arvalis of DeviantArt is back with more amazing “realistic Pokemon” prints

You have the foundations of Daredevil’s abilities too, you just don’t notice them

∞ The only way to make finding the Higgs boson more metal is to transform it into metal music

More accurate horoscopes

Daenerys’ missing dragon needs to eat ~3 people a day to keep terrorizing Westeros

How does Stark’s body survive the forces of his Iron Man suit?

What is the gravitational pull from all spiders?


Sciencey GIFs and Images

∞ A guy named Steve Schwab throws goshawks out of cars to take out crows in his neighborhood

A breathtaking gallery of photos from NASA’s Gemini missions

Archers ready?! Fish!

We’re gonna need a bigger robot camera sub

Water is heavy, like 62.4 lbs/ft^3 heavy

Look at me

Poor crab never had a chance

Barn owl feathers glow pink under blacklight, which can be used to age the birds via patterns and fading

Flounder camouflage is so good you almost lose them after they move

∞ The nerdiest way to say someone doesn’t get the joke

Tree kangaroos are a thing!

This is a Darth Vader mask made of bugs. That is all.

I don’t know why the dexterity of monitor lizards surprised me so much, but it did.

A gutted fish can still swim, thanks to reflexes in the peripheral nervous system (Graphic)

Sonic the

The bird version of musical chairs

I have no idea what chemical reaction this is, but video compression is getting *really* good

∞ Unedited shot of a nuclear reactor core shows the blue glow of Cherenkov radiation — like a sonic boom of light

Penguin escapes orca in a dinghy, can still sense it

Crocodiles are raw power

∞ It’s absolutely brilliant how a snake winds itself up a tree

Turns out it’s surprising when gorillas break zoo glass

Want your birds more dinosaury? Check out a young cassowary

Tigers get in water like we get in hot tubs

Conservation of angular (hamster) momentum

ISS long exposures are ready-made sci-fi novel covers

Geometry y’all

∞ The original ring of death

You think your cat runs to the food dish?

Spacewalk GoPros are the ultimate vertigo inducers

Just wasted 30 seconds of my life


Just a momma leopard teaching its cub how to play

Tiny drones (with a lot of programming) are the best drones

A cannon ball will float in a T-1000

∞ Listen to Cap.

Wait. The forest tent caterpillar (Malacosoma disstria) has penguins on it

Newton’s laws in an RPG launch

Evolution hasn’t taken all the wild out of your kitty

Jumping pink dolphins Batman! No, really.

Sorry, it’s the standard

∞ Oh, simple human, you thought I had no wild side?

Hypno kitty isn’t moving. C’mon brain you can do this.

Realizing that you actually can wear hats


Pop Culture Happenings

∞ Things would have been so much better.

Heath Ledger’s Joker didn’t have to literally tattoo “damaged” on his forehead. He *acted* damaged. How will Leto?

The Pippi Longstocking/Miyazaki film that might have been

The first tattoo style that makes me want a tattoo

Judge approves NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement

∞ You know neuroscience nerds that need these coasters

Awesome to see Simon Stalenhag’s work in the beginning stages of moviezation

Red-tailed hawks: The official raptors of Last Week Tonight

The ride up the new World Trade Center looks like an Assassin’s Creed loading screen

The Aztec Death Whistle sounds like the agony of 100 screaming people

Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing Unspeakable Ancient Evils

Want to get some work done a spaceship? Spaceship Background Noise Generator

∞ Somehow David Hasselhoff is sublime in this

Jesus’ other miracle

This is how close SpaceX came to catching a rocket

∞ omg watch this Sizzler promotional video from 1991 right now. It is insane

Some of the deaths by law enforcement since 2000

∞ I just cried my eyes out over this cartoon of a dog left behind in the apocalypse

Polygraph machines don’t work, but how do you beat them?

Binge Adventure Time with Wired’s guide

John Oliver and Michael Bolton want to make you care about the IRS

∞ The Zelda feels here won’t fit in any bottle


TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

No Time For Bird Sex in the MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Trailer

No Time For Bird Sex in the MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES Trailer

PROJECT X ZONE 2 Coming to North America

PROJECT X ZONE 2 Coming to North America