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This Week in Science: Iron Man Inertia and Sword-Wielding Robots

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

Is natural selection pressuring the Dutch to be taller?

Opening microwaves too soon is the source of weird radio signals

There’s no GoPro video like a NASA spacewalk GoPro video

Compression clothing doesn’t do anything. Sorry Kobe

∞ The curious case of contagious clam cancer

Nothing currently on Earth has a jaw like this

Removing a glowing tumor with the help of scorpion venom

Are “paleo diets” natural at all?

We don’t need labels on genetically modified foods

∞ Some of mother’s milk doesn’t feed the baby at all, it feeds *the baby’s microbes*

It’s totally OK to pee in the Amazon, from a penis-invading fish perspective

Little pupfish deal with a warming climate by becoming champion breath-holders

Intelligent aliens might be huge

The mystery of the shrub that only sparkles under a full moon

Sea snakes are always thirsty, and we don’t know why they don’t drink

A battery breakthrough that needs to make it to market

How could a 1,000 year-old MRSA cure come to market?

Too much data about your health will make you sick

∞ Brontosaurus is back. Bring on the tears.

Never saw Altamura Man before — how incredible to find a skull preserved like that!

Forest fires in Chernobyl threaten to release captured radioactive material


Extreme Nerdery

∞ Game of Thrones Science!

What could go wrong?

#TheDress Strikes Back: What Color is Han Solo’s Hoth Jacket?

∞ How to make the nerdiest Bat-Signal for your desk

Why don’t Tony Stark’s suits kill him?

The Laws of Physics Do Not Apply to Legolas

∞ Figure out where you are based on movie locations

A NASA Iron Man would be *awesome*

How quickly would you die digging into the Earth at a rate of 1 foot/second?

The moon in Majora’s Mask should have a black hole inside it

∞ Better Call Science: Can People Be Allergic to Electricity?


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Water finds a way

A 4K montage of SpaceX launches

I have no idea what this chemical reaction is, I just know it should be the next gen lava lamp

∞ Horses don’t have anti-lock brakes

Really love your peaches want to shake your tr……AHHHHHH MY SINUSES

“What is this?! What happened to our sandy spot?” “I made it for you, my love.”

Nature wastes nothing

Recently rehabbed bald eagle from the Montana Raptor Conservation Center

∞ Seeing a cuttlefish instantly morph the texture of its skin, like Mystique, is mesmerizing

Resistance is futile

This chameleon is actually two painted women

∞ All hail hypno-kitty

Wait, all hail hypno-comb jelly instead

Just a baby chimp, wolf, and tiger playing together

When you figure out first-hand what a “moment” is

Your brain is always messing with color based on backgrounds, that’s why “The Dress” broke it


Pop Culture Happenings

My home state’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands was just banned from talking about climate change

Jimmy McGills cons on Better Call Saul are totally “legit”

3D printing enters the scary but inevitable stage

How long do typing indicator bubbles last across messengers?

This is the backup plan if all our crops are wiped out

∞ An office full of robot butterflies would be lovely

# of Unique words used within artist’s first 35,000 lyrics

This video of a crocodile predation in a Mexican marina is going to ruin your day. Seriously, I warned you

An amazing interview with Edward Snowden, reframing the conversation as dick pics

∞ The “Food Babe” Is Full of Shit

Watch your browser create a Reddit page in real-time


The Science of

The Science of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board"

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Do You Relish the Thought of Pickle Cupcakes?

Do You Relish the Thought of Pickle Cupcakes?