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This Week in Science: Super-Fast 3D Printing and Snakes Eating Florida

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

∞ Nature never ceases to amaze as the seeds of Erodium cicutarium screw themselves into the earth

Did a liquid tongue help our ancestors live on land? Maybe

The crab never suspected that the seashell was a veined octopus

Can we save a ghost of nature with skin microbes?

We use twice as many antibiotics to treat our farm animals as we do to treat all people

This video is…awkward. Wait. Why are things awkward?

∞ Not even rabbits mating like rabbits can escape the snakes eating the Everglades

When A Meteorite Hits Snow It Forms A “Snow Carrot” Instead Of A Crater

Darwin’s “Strangest” Beast Finds Place on Tree

A velvet worm’s slime cannon is like a garden hose

People owned vampire crabs for years before science knew what they were

The next biome frontier is the great indoors

The average color of the universe is “cosmic latte”

∞ Great video of a giant, glowing pyrosome

A tuning fork at 1600fps

230 million years ago, North Carolina fauna whispered the name “Carolina butcher”

This is the newest place on Earth

The weird spots on Ceres could be water-ice plumes

Oh. Natural pearls typically form around parasites. Cool!

∞ A new 3D printing technique can print objects at a blistering *meter per hour*

Hallelujah it’s raining (harvest)men

Bubbles in your Guinness are sinking, but not in the middle of the glass

No, You Cannot Catch An Individual Photon Acting Simultaneously As A Pure Particle And Wave

Journey to the center of the Earth with this delightful BBC interactive

Another lovely interactive from the BBC: How Big Is Space?

How do ocean nutrients return from the depths to the surface? “Whale pumps” help

What is slowing down the jet stream? Is it us?

∞ Hummingbirds stay stable in the wind with lightning quick wing and tail adjustments

What can a sunken cannon from the 1600s tell us about nuclear waste repositories?

There could be a health revolution in smartphone apps, but right now, most are garbage or even harmful

Only one vertebrate is known to have green blood. This one


Extreme Nerdery

Now I can’t not see it

Could you do a barrel roll in space? Actually, yeah!

∞ Do you want to build a Death Star? Yep, you just sang that

Holy crap keep your hands away from closely placed neodymium magnets

Could you grab onto a flagpole after falling off the side of a building?

Want to see a Jurassic Park-style “velociraptor” come alive on paper in 20 seconds?

You never knew you wanted your robot videos set to training montage music

Adam Savage’s extremely detailed notes on his Shining maze build are the epitome of making

∞ Archer has a brilliant and bizarre internet scavenger hunt happening right now


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Simon Stalenhag’s latest work is phenomenal

Fearless Symmetry

∞ A super strong magnet alters the path of the electrons firing at a TV screen

The diving bell spider spends its entire life underwater

Europa and the Great Red Spot

Damnit now I’ll never see squid the same way again

∞ Real-time visualization of all uplinks and downlinks to all interplanetary spacecraft

At least dope has dope fluid physics

Burning liquid methane in the classroom looks crazy

∞ Stablized GIF of the Patterson film makes it brilliantly clear that Bigfoot is a guy in a suit

Wow. Trees after a lava flow

Don’t test an alligator snapping turtle’s bite pressure

You need an owl today

∞ Work in a fly lab. Giggity.

I for one welcome our tiny crab overlords


Pop Culture Happenings

∞ Florida employee ‘punished for using phrase climate change’

France now requires that all new commercial buildings must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels

TIL If you’re involuntarily bumped off your flight, you’re legally entitled to compensation

Mathematically precise kinetic sculptures from John Edmark

∞ The Times’ Attack on Wearables Is an Attack on Science

Jonathan Nolan’s original ending to Interstellar made way more sense

∞ Mars One got 2,761 applicants, not 200,000, and other damning information about what looks like a scam

Mars One responds (feebly) to criticism

You can’t teach science (well) without teaching doubt

The Worst Internet Things bracket

The piano learning program Synthesia looks like Rock Band for the ivory

Evil genuis redditor obviousplant leaves fake self-help books in book stores

Tommy Wiseau’s AMA. That is all.

Yes, Low Immunization Rates Are Responsible For The Measles Outbreak, Study Suggests

∞ The NCAA system is *broken*, as John Oliver explains

Stop feeding the ducks

Tyson Boop

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Originally Had an Insane Backstory

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

The Vocaloid World of Hologram Performance Artists

Bigfoot Bundt Cake

Bigfoot Bundt Cake