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This Supercut of Our Favorite SEINFELD Catchphrases Is Making Us Thirsty!

Eighteen years have passed since it went off air, and people still quote Seinfeld all over the place. I don’t go through a holiday season without bringing up Festivus at least once, and “No Soup For You!” is probably one of the most quoted lines of a television show ever. Well for all of you Seinfeld fans who have not decided to binge watch the show since it was released on Hulu, you can thank World Wide Interweb for compiling some of the most quotable lines of the series into a video that is only a little over two minutes long. I do not believe it has every classic line of the show, but it seems pretty damn close.

The video spans through all nine season of the show stopping off at such recognizable moments as characters reaffirming whether they are “master of their domain” and Elaine’s over-zealous “get out!” shoves. Some entries that I immediately notice to be missing include “Look to the cookie, Elaine,” which I have used in my own life more than once, as well as just shouting “Dolores!” when I suddenly figure out something that seemed so obvious afterward. Other than that, the list seems fairly well put together.

It may seem a little hipster or elitist of me, but I tend be able to connect better with someone who can recognize a good Seinfeld quote out of the other recognizable sitcoms. I mean, what did Friends even have other than “How you doin’?” or “Could you be any more _?”

Which Seinfeld quote is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: World Wide Interweb

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