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This Russian-Made, Amphibious Sherp ATV Looks Like So Much Fun

There are so many, many… many things to love about the Russian-made Sherp ATV. Is it the ultimate zombie-apocalypse vehicle? Of course it is. Does it look like a Tonka Truck that you can actually drive? Without a doubt. Would it give the Batmobile a run for its money? Superman would chest-bump this thing out of approval, rather than let it bounce off his shins like he did to Batman’s regular ride in that Batman vs. Superman spot. But the real reason you’d drop between $70,000 and $100,000 on this amphibious beast comes down to one very simple truth.

It looks like so much fun!

Russian Truck Ice Slide

The Sherp ATV is essentially a 2,866 pound mechanical puppy, and according to the above video, it will gleefully drift through the snow, bob through swamp land, and then crush ice sheets with its weight so it can belly flop into the frigid waters below.

It is a bit slow, maxing out at 28 mph on land and about 3.4 mph in the water, but considering it only has a 44-horsepower diesel engine, that’s impressive acceptable. It also has mondo tires that are 1,600 millimeters high (roughly 5.25 feet), and not only allow the Sherp to easily overtake obstacles over 2 feet tall, but also give it a wicked cuteness factor, especially when you can see the driver in the little side-view window.


And if the specs don’t sell you on the Sherp, perhaps the (almost certainly Google-translated) pitch from its website will:

Dear Customer!

We would like to present an ATV, based on develops of Aleksei Garagashian (renowned technologist). It will strike you with its super passing ability. Our engineers determined with confidence that this vehicle could withstand as a leader in ATV world markets.

It is a new generation of ATV manufacturing. ATV perfectly swims, every swamp for it is not an obstacle.  The ATV perfectly gets out of the water onto the ice.  It easily overcomes barriers with a height of 70 cm, whether it is rocks or fallen trees in the forest.

We have been to places which never set a human foot before.  Traveled to the most distant corners of Tundra, Siberian Taiga, mountain of Kola Peninsula and swamps of the Yugra.

Really, that’s all there is to say. You want a Sherp ATV. I want a Sherp ATV. And in Soviet Russia, Sherp ATV wants you.

What do you think about the Russian-made Sherp ATV? Make the comments in sections beneath!

HT: The Verge

Images: Sherp



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