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This Extravagant STAR WARS Watch is Fit for an Emperor

It can be so hard to shop for your favorite Sith Lord. What do you get a man that can choke you to death with his mind if he doesn’t like your gift? Well you can try getting him this stylish, oversized (and pricey) Star Wars–inspired watch.

The watch is a creation of the Los Angeles-based Devon Works, a “design and advanced engineering lab” that is “dedicated to creating innovative and revolutionary products that bend reality.” Boasting 350 parts and all sorts of fancy technology, this new watch incorporates elements from our favorite Galactic Empire, like Darth Vader’s helmet, a TIE Fighter wing, and the Imperial crest.


The only downside is that the watch might cost you an arm and a leg (or two legs and a hand) because it is on the slightly expensive side at $28,500. “No! That’s impossible!” you say, but it’s true. Even the well-to-do need their fix of Star Wars swag, and the company says they already have 50 pre-orders. Compared to the price of a Death Star, though, it’s like they’re giving it away.

Devon put together a video to explain some of the technology used in the watch’s construction.

Of course, how do you accessorize such an extravagant but specific item like a tricked-out Star Wars watch? Well, it also comes with limited edition TIE Fighter cuff links.


This watch might be a little out of the price range for most of us, but it is still pretty cool. Where would you like to wear one too if you could? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Devon Works

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