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This DONKEY KONG Inspired Mural is Bananas

Once upon a time, video games were simply toys for kids. They were silly experiences that would be scoffed at and probably wouldn’t be considered art. That’s, clearly, no longer the case.

Jace, a French street artist, created an absolutely gorgeous mural in Paris inspired by Donkey Kong. This well known street artist from Reunion Island filled the side of a building with ape madness. The orange character, known as Gouzou, takes the place of the mustachioed plumber and the lovely damsel. Gounzou is the artist’s signature character, so it only make sense that the figure would make an appearance.

Donkey Kong Mural Image 2

It’s hard not to like this piece of art. It has a certain swag that’s unmistakably Jace. All of the small touches to each and every scene depicted in the mural also makes it feel like one epic living Donkey Kong level. Check out the various angles in the images below.

Can video games be considered art? Really, it depends on whoever you ask. What is apparent is that our favorite hobby can inspire great minds in different ways. All the nerds who once seemed like misfits have clearly grown up. The further we go down the line, the more you can expect for video games to penetrate different types of mediums and art.

Donkey Kong Mural Image 1

For a more personal look at the piece, you can head over to 59 rue du Moulinet, Paris 13th. The project took a whopping 3 days to complete, and was made possible with the help of Galerie Mathgoth. What do you think about this mural? What would you want Jace to tackle next? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Albotas, Jace


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