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This Classical Cover of Hans Zimmer’s MAN OF STEEL Theme is Glorious (Premiere)

Sure, Man Of Steel may have been a polarizing film for DC fans, but Hans Zimmer‘s score for the Superman tale was unequivocally great. Case in point: close your eyes and listen to the film’s main theme and you will feel like you are flying over a remote mountain-scape, shooting infinitely toward the horizon. It is safe to say that regardless of the quality of any of the films he has worked on, Zimmer’s scores are almost always the best part. This is the exact reason that a whole slew of respected musicians are covering selections from the famous composer’s oeuvre in the forthcoming The Classics album, which features some of Zimmer’s most recognizable work.

For his Man of Steel composition, “Flight”, pianist Lang Lang and violinist Maxim Vengerov give Zimmer’s Superman theme a very severe, concerted cover. Beginning with Lang’s airy, dreary piano stabs, the track cracks open with war-like percussion and Vengerov’s strings. And then, after a short pause, either musician takes flight. The piano and violin soar in unison playing a game of chicken as they fly over the previously darker tones of the track. We all may be tired of antiheroes but it is still perfect antihero music.

The Classics will debut January 13, and “Flight” will be available for streaming/download on the sixth. Check out the full tracklist and Lindsey Stirling’s version of the The Dark Knight Rises theme below.

The Classics Tracklist

01. Main Theme (From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) feat. Lindsey Stirling
02. Main Theme (From ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) feat. The Piano Guys
03. Gladiator Rhapsody (From ‘Gladiator’) feat. Lang Lang
04. Main Theme (From ‘Crimson Tide’) feat. Till Broenner
05. Time (From ‘Inception’) feat. Tina Guo
06. This Land (From ‘The Lion King’) feat. Amy Dickson
07. Now We Are Free (From ‘Gladiator’) feat. Leona Lewis
08. Flight (From ‘Man of Steel’) feat. Lang Lang and Maxim Vengerov
09. Light (From ‘The Thin Red Line’) Maxim Vengerov
10. The Battle Scene (From ‘Gladiator’) feat. Khatia Buniatishvili
11. Mombasa (From ‘The Inception’) feat. 2CELLOS
12. The Docking Scene (From ‘Interstellar’) feat. Roger Sayer

Image: Moog Music Inc.

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