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These Heavy Metal-Inspired Meals Look Devilishly Delicious

There are just some things in life that make sense together. Chocolate and peanut butter. Heavy metal bands and gourmet cuisine. Wait, what? That last one may sound weird, but thanks to a new feature from Rice and Bread Magazine, it makes total sense.

As part of an ongoing feature called “Perfect Pairings”, a maniacal metalhead named Chef John Hurkes devised mouthwatering meals like a Slayer-inspired pentagram pizza, Survive-worthy Nuclear Assault Nachos, and a pitch-black burger worthy of Danzig himself. Considering I used to run a blog with some friends called So Fucking Metal and I love nothing more than stuffing my dumb face full of delicious food, this could not be further up my alley.

Photo by Chef John HurkesImage by Chef John Hurkes

Just take a look at the aforementioned Juicy Lucifuge here. With black-angus beef, blue cheese erupting from within, fried onions, pitch black BBQ sauce, and a house-made “Twist of Pain” burger (also black, natch), this recipe looks like it was plucked straight from the Necro-om-nom-nom-icon. Hurkes also recommends adding a scoop of peanut butter to transform this into an “Evil Elvis,” which sounds amazing. I know that the prospect of peanut butter on a burger may sound like blasphemy to some, it is one of the most delicious toppings you can add. Trust me on this — it’s amazing.

Check out our gallery below, then take a peek at the the full catalogue of Chef John Hurkes’ unholy creations over at Rice and Bread.

Which one would you chow down on first? Do you have any heavy metal munchies ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

Dan Casey is the senior editor of Nerdist and the author of 100 Things Avengers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die. Follow him on Twitter (@Osteoferocious).

IMAGES: Chef John Hurkes, for Rice and Bread


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