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These ‘Geometric Beasts’ Sketches Will Blow Your Mind

Imagine being able to draw one of the mythical creatures from a Miyazaki film in your notebook, capturing all that meticulous, otherworldly detail with just a pen?

That’s the kind of skill Philippine-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes (aka Sketchy Stories) is working with. Rosanes has doodled his way to collaborations with big companies like Nike, Mazda, and Ford, and he’s freelanced for numerous design blogs and international magazines. He remains best known, though, for his intricate moleskin drawings.


Rosanes’ work went viral in 2013, and in 2015 he published a sketchbook called Animorphia. One of his artistic objectives is to cast the sadder aspects of his native Manila in a more positive light, and he does so by bringing nature into his work. “Most of my works are inspired by nature-related elements: animals, plants, sense of wonder, scenes that cannot be seen in real life,” the drawer told society6 in their “Outside the Lines” series.


The illustrator’s latest efforts certainly fall within that description. Rosanes calls the series “Geometric Beasts,” a collection of sketches that fuses together animals and geometric shapes. In each drawing, the crystalized exterior that envelops the animal is shattered, revealing a lifelike depiction of the “beast.” Imagine Porygon evolving into a real-life animal (and check out this drawing Rosanes did of the 150 original Pokémon).


It’s rare that the fantastic and the natural can merge so gracefully. And to be able to do it with a pen? Mindblowing. Tattoos anyone? Think about picking up some of Rosanes’ art over at society6, and at the very least check out his Instagram.


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