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THE X-FILES’ New Teaser and Poster Won’t Be Alien to You

So far the trailers and commercials for the new X-Files mini-series have been a little light on a crucial element of the show: aliens. There has been a lot of talk about government cover-ups and danger, but the alien element has remained mostly in the background. That’s not true anymore, though, after a new teaser for the show reminds us of what Fox Mulder has always wanted to believe.

The trailer starts with Mulder sounding like the same man we watched for all those seasons: “We must ask ourselves: are we truly alone, or are we being lied to?”

We then hear Joel McHale’s voice tell Mulder that the government has been hiding alien technology for years. In previous trailers we’ve seen McHale’s character recruiting Mulder back into action, explaining that something big is coming, something that will be presented as a terrorist attack.

It is incredibly comforting to see Mulder described as a “true believer” and Scully described as a “skeptic.” The two of them may be in more danger than ever, but at least they are the people we always loved.

“This is dangerous,” says Scully.

“When has that ever stopped us?”

Damn right, Mulder.

This new teaser, with a bigger focus on the alien-related part of the story, fits right in with a new poster for the revival, one with an interesting x-ray of a skull, marked as being taken at Roswell.


“I Still Want to Believe.” After all of these years we still want to watch, and we will next January when the six-episode mini-series premieres.

What do you think of this new teaser trailer and poster? It would be highly suspicious of you not to tell us in the comments below.

Image: Fox

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