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The Week in Science: New Dinos, Inertial Dampers, and Steampunk Kittens

Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ∞. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

Do Dogs Fall for Magic Tricks?

Some activities are so automatic that you really can do them in your sleep

Before dead whales were the feasts of the sea floor, there were dead ichthyosaur buffets

∞ An unusual day is a day where nothing unusual happens

Will the Higgs Boson Destroy the Universe? Nope.

Brain trauma will affect 1/3rd of NFL players at early ages, and the NFL agrees

These wasps created an artificial viewing area by building on someone’s window

Baby fennec fox is the main-line of adorable you need right now

How unspecial are we? Well, have you ever had a staring contest with an Orangutan?

Catnip is the only recreational drug we routinely give to animals. Here’s how it works

A society of naked mole rats is cancer-free, but has Game of Thrones-style assassinations

∞ We’ve pieced together the biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever. It was kinda like Godzilla

Rosetta takes an incredible image of itself with Comet 67P

Doctors call a reddish nose tumor “Clown Nose

Don’t touch anything that looks like Donald Trump’s hair

How a bloodworm demonstrates the awesome convergence in the evolution of venom

The kraken: A mysterious mythical beast that we’ve gotten almost 100% wrong

∞ We are racing to save the rarest fish in the world. It’s named after puppies

In which orcas hunt and eat a tiger shark

The Snot Bot is a drone that collects whale sneezes for science

Large study on daily pot use among teens sparks up some worries

No one should have this power. A house destroyed so quickly by a nuclear test that the camera inside stayed standing

∞ This is how you pull silk from a spider

Of course the pendulum wave is better with bowling balls

Coral groupers display intelligence by choosing suitable moray eels as hunting partners

Why jurors and policemen need stress relief

Climate change is set to bring *half* of North America’s birds to the edge of extinction

This is how beer making works! I’m fermenting about it right now

How form matches the function of battling beetles

Giving Australian teens access to free HPV vaccines has been a huge success

What’s Wrong with Alternative Medicine?

∞ A virus can cover most of your office in as little as 2 hours. Yeah, that one sniffling guy really did get everyone sick


Extreme Nerdery

Artist Eleanor Lutz brings you the best version of a science textbook image

100 chart-topping songs…as graphs

∞ A real Edge of Tomorrow suit would hardly be for combat at all

I’ll just leave this here if you need Carl Sagan to help someone find information

∞ Picard was never turned into chunky salsa by inertia. Tech like that could eliminate all concussions

An Architect’s Guide to Famous Villain’s Lairs

∞ Archaeologists hate Indiana Jones because he is a looter

Number Of Different Teams Possible in Pokémon: 216,217,804,439,226,231,642

I’ll buy any smartwatch if it can make me GoldenEye 007


Sciencey GIFs and Images

For science’s sake DO NOT try this but this moray does seem kinda friendly

∞ Kitten needed protective goggles for laser surgery, but we needed protection from the DORBS

These squares are exactly the same color. C’mon brain you can do this.

This image isn’t moving. C’mon brain you can do this.

Redditor shows how chrome builds up on some of the plating equipment after heavy use

Renope-controlled inflatable

∞ This cat was not a smoker, obviously

The physics of football doesn’t mix well with the physiology of the body

The current spread of Ebola, from March to September

A quicker way to get your shirt off is to accidentally sample the immense pressures inside a truck tire

Electrically heating a rod of graphite makes a lightsaber kindof

∞ I love obvious answers to physics problems

Dashcam advantage #58: Seeing the destructive power of a tornado up close

Keeping your shop floor continuous while moving machinery around is mesmerizing

Cigarette sales in packs per capita (1970-2012)

I won’t get sick of watching a person on the edge of a roiling lava cauldron


Pop Culture Happenings

This sums up why I love Reddit

∞ I’m calling it: My favorite Rube Goldberg machine runs only on light

Japan reealllly wants to start whaling again

The wrath of God visualized

Edgar Allan Poe: Part-Time Cosmologist & Big-Bang Philosopher

I hate hipsters. Wait. Hipsters?

Why NPCs only have one line

∞ Robin Hood, Men In Ed Hardy Shirts

We have enough data to make suitable airplane seats for most people, but we don’t use it

This cape is made from the silk of 1.2 million orb-weaver spiders


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