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The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Turns Bisquick Meme Into a Good Cause

AMC’s The Walking Dead is my Sunday night addiction. Every week emotions run high. Will Glenn die? What will Carol bake this week? No but really, will Glenn die? In the middle of tense scenes or tragic moments, you can always breathe a sigh of relief when Abraham shows up, because undoubtedly a classic line is sure to follow.

These Abrahamisms are sure to cut the tension and when delivered by actor Michael Cudlitz, you can always bet they’re pure gold. Abraham’s most recent quote is sure to make an IHOP worker blush: “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” Oh Abraham. I’ll never look at breakfast the same again.

That’s it, the minute that line was uttered, Twitter was on fire with Bisquick memes. Michael Cudlitz’s face photoshopped onto Bisquick boxes, pictures of pancakes, it was Bisquick insanity. The Walking Dead fans are an enthusiastic bunch and knowing this, Michael Cudlitz harnessed this enthusiasm and issued a challenge for fans who went to Dallas Walker Stalker Con last weekend. Any boxes of Bisquick brought to the con would be donated to a local charity.

Fans came through, bringing boxes and bottles of Bisquick to Michael Cudlitz’s table at the con. He even posted a picture and hashtagged it #BisquickChallenge, which sounds like more of a bake off challenge than anything. You hear that zombies? Time to start baking for apocalypse.

The flapjacks don’t stop there, General Mills and Betty Crocker, the manufacturers of Bisquick, must be also be fans of The Walking Dead because they donated over 1000 boxes of the hotcake mix to Cudlitz’s Bisquick Challenge. That’s a lot of babies…I mean pancakes.

All in all, an amazing way to use the power of Abraham to bring The Walking Dead fans together for a good cause.

What did you think of Abraham’s baby breakfast analogy? Let us know in the comments!


Image: Betty Crocker

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