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THE WALKING DEAD’s Lucille Is the Centerpiece of Comic-Con Exclusives

Fans of The Walking Dead as a TV show still can’t stop talking about the debut of bad guy Negan and his signature barbed-wire bat Lucille. Well aware that the weapon is one “character” that looks pretty much the same across all media, publisher Skybound has seized the moment, and is making Lucille the centerpiece of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. (Comic-Con badges, which have been mailed out this week, also seem to primarily feature Lucille, so it feels like smart synergy.) There are so many exclusives, you can tell they really do love Lucy. You might even say they’re having a Lucille Ball. Okay, okay, I’ll stop there before I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

As we already reported, Lucille will be one of the highlights of an action figure set featuring comic-styled versions of Negan, Glenn, and Glenn’s crushed head (this doesn’t mean he’ll be the one killed on the TV show, but he was the unlucky victim on the page). But if you think you’re gonna need a bigger bat, you can score a full-size replica (above), complete with soft imitation barbed wire. At 34 inches long, she’s a slugger to die for, come back, walk the Earth, then die again from a hard hit to the head. But that’s not all…


Yes, now you can army-build a whole array of Lucilles with these blind-boxed keychains, available in various colors (one of which appears to be glow-in-the-dark) and bloodied variants. If you’ve ever wanted to beat a lock senseless for not fitting your key properly…well, you may have anger management issues. But this provides you a safe way to do it.

Finally (for now, anyway), there’s this:


Yes, Lucille gets a co-starring role on the cover of the new compendium, set to include issues 97-144. While the show and the comic obviously differ—for instance, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has never been that clean-shaven in his life—this will give the uninitiated some of the broad strokes as to where things might be headed on TV with Negan and his lethal lady.

Will this be the year Comic-Con goes from loving Batman to loving a bat, man? Do these exclusives hit a home run? Pitch us your thoughts in the comments.

Images: Skybound

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