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New WALKING DEAD Daryl and Abraham Toys Enter a Larger World (Exclusive)

Finally, Daryl Dixon is the right size to take on Spawn and all your old Movie Maniacs. It has been a long time coming, but McFarlane Toys are bringing back the 7-inch action figure in a big way this year, with their boxed “Color Tops” series that will include characters from Titanfall, Naruto, Gears of War and much more, including a returning Spawn.

You had to know, though, that they’d kick things off with their biggest license right now, and we’re pleased to be first to reveal that the newest Color Tops action figures from The Walking Dead will be Daryl in his signature gear, and Abraham Ford in his purloined military uniform (Rick, Michonne, and Travis and Madison from Fear the Walking Dead were previously revealed). These images are prototypes – the Daryl looks like a close-to-finished product, while Abraham is a digital mock-up, but when finalized they will feature multiple points of articulation, show-specific accessories and a display base. (Full versions can be seen in the GALLERY BELOW!)


If you liked the existing scales of Walking Dead figures, fear not (or rather, fear only when the title of the spin-off show tells you to): the construction sets will be continuing, Glenn will make his debut in the 10-inch scale, and the 5-inch series will yield another Daryl on his new bike. Basically, your options just increased, as did the fantasy match-ups that longtime toy collectors –and probably the guys at Robot Chicken–have been dreaming of. Now, if we can persuade McFarlane to revive the 18-inch scale as well, they’ll have every base covered–and all of them will belong to us in no time.

Check out closer looks at the two new prototypes below, and let us know in comments whom you’d like to see next. Will we get some of the awesome characters no longer on the show, like blade-hand Merle or the Governor? How about a Walker or two–any specific ones you’d want to menace the heroes with? Is it too soon to get Negan already?

Images: McFarlane Toys


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