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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Everything You Need to Know About the Fall Finale

It’s fall finale time for The Vampire Diaries, and you know what that means … get ready for more than one insane cliffhanger to keep you screaming at your TV until The CW series returns in the new year!

“Cold As Ice” airs tonight, and since Nerdist has seen the episode already, we figured why not spread the holiday cheer and gift you with some juicy spoilers from the shocking hour. You’re welcome.

And spoiler-phobes, don’t worry: there aren’t any real spoilers here. More like super detailed teasers to whet your appetite until the fall finale airs. Once again, you are so welcome.

Here’s everything you should know going into The Vampire Diaries midseason finale:

The Vampire Diaries

  • The flash forward storyline takes place in Chicago this week. While we can’t reveal who is in them, we can say we did not predict that this pair would be together three years from now. It’s not a good sign for a huge story line that is taking place in the present.
  • Present day, the story begins with Lily’s funeral. It’s a somber affair, made all the more heartbreaking with how beautiful the scene is. It’s night, it’s snowing, and peaceful. Lily would have loved it.
  • However, the only people who attend the funeral are Stefan, Damon, Nora and Valerie. Apparently Beau couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye and Mary-Louise is still siding with Julian.
  • Four eulogies are given. Only three are kind.
  • But the episode isn’t all heartbreak and tears … it’s also time for some holiday cheer! Donations and charity play a huge part in this year’s fall finale, and it’s a great reminder that there are those less fortunate who aren’t able to celebrate the holidays like you can. Visit your local shelter or donate to your local Toys for Tots program to help those in need!
  • Caroline has fully embraced her magical witch baby pregnancy, and it’s about time: she’s really starting to show.
  • She’s also having some crazy pregnancy cravings – like mixing blood bags with marshmallow fluff at 2 a.m. These are no ordinary pregnancy cravings, people.
  • There’s a scene where Caroline and Alaric attend their first birthing class together. It’s as hilarious and awkward as you’d expect.
  • Stefan and Damon, meanwhile, continue their hunt for Julian, since they’re still gung-ho about getting revenge on him for his various crimes. But one brother is much more invested in their revenge scheme than the other.
  • Stefan and Damon’s road trip takes them right into the center of SantaCon, which is a Santa Claus pub crawl that takes place in literally ever city and is literally the worst thing ever. Stefan is abstaining from participating in the event but Damon is fitting right in — anything that involves drinking copious amounts of alcohol is right up his alley.
  • Neither Mary-Louise nor Nora are taking their break-up well. And we’re also treated to round two of their break-up.
  • Nora also tries to get into the holiday spirit by volunteering her time to charity. Although she still has a lot to learn about being “selfless.”
  • Nora and Bonnie might … gasp, become friends?!
  • This week we get to see “Level-Headed Damon.” Raise your hand if you didn’t even know that version of Damon existed.
  • Somebody acts like “a drunk sorority girl who ruins everyone’s night by losing her cell phone.” But we won’t say who.
  • The Phoenix Stone sword makes a comeback in a big way, and at least one vampire soul gets trapped in the stone by the end of the episode. You will never in a million years guess who.
  • Sheriff Forbes makes an appearance, kind of, in the episode’s most heartbreaking scene. Get ready to cry. A lot.
  • A new kind of flashback is introduced in the episode, and it’s harrowing.

Who do you think will be trapped in the Phoenix Stone by the end of the fall finale? Let us know your guesses in the comments section!

Images: The CW

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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