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On Set with THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Cast: Trouble’s A-Brewing

What happens when Nerdist visits the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, Georgia? We get a ton of sweet, sweet scoop from the cast.

After touring all the sets—including the Salvatore mansion, Whitmore’s dorms and classrooms, and more—and visiting the wardrobe and props department, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice King (formerly Candice Accola), and Kat Graham sat down with a small group of reporters to tease this week’s episode, “Best Served Cold.” Check out all the spoilers they revealed below!

Mom’s Ex

Now that Lily has brought Julian, her sadistic former lover, back to life via the Phoenix Stone, don’t expect everyone to be in the mood to celebrate his return. But that’s too bad because Lily’s throwing him a party anyway.

“There’s a really cool party. It’s a very cool Lily Salvatore mixer,” Graham says. “You’ll see a lot of stuff between Enzo and Bonnie which is really exciting because I love working with [Michael] Malarkey. There’s a really cool dynamic there. And you’ll see Bonnie and Matt begin to uncover something a little bit deeper in the final acts.”

The Vampire Diaries

Salvatore sibling rivalry

Julian’s return will also drive a wedge in between Stefan and Damon when they disagree on exactly how to get revenge on him (for hurting Valerie because she was pregnant with Stefan’s child back in the day) and Lily (for giving Kai the idea to put a sleeping beauty curse on Elena).

“Stefan is very aggressive about it because of his history with Julian and everything he knows of him,” Wesley says. “Obviously he has this enormous vendetta against him. He wants to immediately take him out but Damon is a little more political about it. Usually Damon is irrational and Stefan is rational and it’s the opposite now. Stefan has one thing and one thing only on his mind and that’s just taking out Julian.”

Somerhalder reveals that Stefan and Damon won’t be able to see eye-to-eye at all when it comes to Julian.

“It’s going to create a lot of friction,” Somerhalder says. “These guys have a very specific way in which they want to deal with Julian. Julian is that guy that comes into her life that they know is not a good guy. He’s really not a good dude. But where the real conflict comes in is Stefan is like let’s just get rid of this guy immediately. And Damon, in his sadistic mind, doesn’t want that.”

Damon’s revenge plan is a lot more calculated than his usual methods.

“He wants to draw it out,” Somerhalder says. “Damon wants [Lily] to find that passion again for this man. He wants her to experience true love again and then, once she’s settled and happy and super content and living in my house and schtupping this guy in my bed and she’s at this peak of happiness in six months when she thinks everything is okay, then Damon wants to swoop in and hand deliver his heart to her and literally just crush her.”

The Vampire Diaries


While fans may still be in shock over the flash forward reveal that Bonnie and Enzo are in love, Graham explains that storyline is going to take a long time to develop in the present day.

“They’re developing [Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship] very, very slowly,” Graham says. “You’ll see over the next few episodes, you’ll see a lot of their dynamic together, but it’s still very much present day Bonnie and Enzo. You see our cat-and-mouse, this very sparring dynamic. We still have to wait to see that actual turn of when that happened and what happened to put Bonnie into the place that she was at and all that.”

Graham continues, “The next episode is pretty Bonnie and Enzo heavy. She teams up with Enzo for her own benefit in a lot of ways. You’ll see them a lot together. And then after that, the [Phoenix] Stone storyline really starts to snowball.”

And Graham reveals that it wasn’t Bonnie’s romance that excited her about the flash forwards, but it was actually the mystery of what put Bonnie in a psychiatric hospital in the first place.

“I love Girl, Interrupted and I’ve talked about Helena Bonham Carter being one of my favorites and her performance in Fight Club,” Graham says. “If I could have my way, my character would be absolutely out of her mind. But you won’t see her love life developing immediately.”

Matt and Bonnie’s mystery

While Stefan and Damon are going to be preoccupied with Julian’s return, Bonnie and Matt are actually going to unravel a mystery that will become their primary focus going forward involving the Phoenix Stone.

“We make a discovery and it’s not just that Bonnie made a mistake and put the wrong spirit in the wrong body,” Graham teases. “There’s actually repercussions that Bonnie wasn’t expecting to happen or wasn’t ready to happen and she definitely didn’t see it coming. We’re going to see a lot of Bonnie trying to fix what she’s done.”

The Vampire Diaries

TVD‘s newest love triangle

Now that Stefan knows Valerie was pregnant with his child and really in love with him before Julian intervened, unfortunately that means trouble is ahead for Stefan and Caroline’s new relationship. Stefan just lied to Caroline about his history with Valerie, which will make for an awkward dynamic when Caroline and Valerie come face-to-face in this week’s episode.

“Caroline and Valerie have a very interesting dynamic in the upcoming episode,” King says. “There is a lot of tension. We have seen Caroline become such a strong character and fight off a lot of her insecurities. And now that she’s with Stefan her insecurities are actually coming back really strong. She’s been a very insecure girlfriend this season. She’s just waiting for something bad to happen. We’re going to see Caroline and Valerie interacting a lot in the next couple of episodes.”

Wesley adds, “I don’t want to say terrible things [are coming.] I just shot a nice scene with Caroline. But he was super into Valerie back in the day. He said that he was not interested in her anymore but I don’t know. I think there’s still a semblance and there’s still a thing that he has for her. There is trouble ahead for them.”

Uh oh, are you as nervous for Steroline as we are? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images: The CW
The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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