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The Thing Speaks (Possibly) in the New International FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer

The Fantastic Four reboot has always has a thin film of controversy surrounding it. From the casting, to the dark tone, people are either really into it, or are totally against it.

To me, with each new trailer being released, I get more on board. We posted the first trailer here, and this new international trailer makes me even more convinced that this is a movie worth checking out.

For the most part, there is nothing new footage wise. We get to see Sue, Johnny, and Ben use their powers, with Michael B. Jordan getting the full “FLAME ON!!” effect. We still have yet to see Miles Teller‘s Reed Richards utilize his stretching ability to its fullest potential, other than him angrily throwing his arm into the air and have the trailer cut away. Since we know what the Thing looks like, I am assuming they want to save these shots for the viewing of the movie.

One new item I did notice in the trailer is when Reed says “I just want to fix my friends,” you can hear what sounds like Jamie Bell‘s Ben Grimm respond “You can’t fix this.” If he was already the Thing when this is said, I believe that we are getting a “non-distorted” voice for the ever lovin’ blue-eyed powerhouse of the team. This is another change I approve of, once again setting it apart from previous incarnations of the character, live action or otherwise.

Fantastic Four will be released nationwide on August 7th.

So what are your thoughts? Are you interested on this new take on “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”? Does this movie still seem too dark compared to the source material? Let’s discuss on Twitter or in the comments below.

IMAGE: The Fandom

H/T: Slashfilm

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