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The Stars of the Nerdist Channel Would Like A Word With You

And now, a few of your new bestest friends in the whole world are here to say hello:

Well, when they put it THAT way, how can you NOT subscribe to the Nerdist Channel? So subscribe to the Nerdist Channel right now by clicking here if you haven’t yet done so, and you’ll be the first to know when these here fine programs and others are ready for your viewing pleasure.

It all starts Monday.


Ding-Donger : New Stuff's A-Comin!

Comic Book Club: Jim Zub

Comic Book Club: Jim Zub

Dining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen : DC Pierson



  1. Beth Kaelin says:

    WHAT TIME???

  2. GRabnorg says:

    that just makes me happy, theyre all so happy!

  3. Caitlin S says:

    Ahh I can’t wait! My birthday is next Saturday so celebrate Christy’s birthday and my birthday and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel!

  4. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Log Entry: #2322; March 27, 2032

    Omega team came thru today big time. Their recon mission in 1-1-Zed, formerly known as ‘Chicago’, recovered an artifact. There were 68% casualties, primarily from bio-hunter-killers and heat-det-mines which after a recent firmware upgrade no longer are tripped by our human-heat-countermeasures. The artifact, a mid-range hard drive from what was known as a ‘home computer’, miraculously survived the 3/14/15 global de-rez (those metallic bastards showed true sadistic behavior by destroying all computing power on “Pi day”). Our squads mission has been and will always be the same…find something, anything, that might shed light on the zero-hour of the computer self awareness and then pray it helps us find a weakness. helps us find hope. helps us carry on for another day. Our top geeks have been working on the artifact around the clock and have uncovered something. It appears that zero-hour ties into some massive event on 4/2/12…something having to do with millions of users subscribing to a “nerdist youtube channel”. We don’t know what that means but we do know it’s the first evidence of the robotic overload insignia..that damnable red triangle and laser symbol. We will continue to dig and hope to use this information to bring down overlord Hardwickopolis and his droid armies the Raybots and Miranoids. If you are receiving this transmission, keep the faith, we will win, humanity will rise again.

    Sgt Three Toes of Fury Out.

    End of Line.

  5. Aj says:

    Sold. I signed up to youtube just to subscribe to this!

  6. Seth Warren says:

    Ungh, fuck yes please. And owie thanks.

  7. mattapodaca says:

    Subscribed! I seriously cannot wait for all of those shows.

  8. CarrieC says:

    Game of Thrones season 2 the 1st and Nerdist channel the next day. What could possibly stop all this fun?

  9. Mike P says:

    Just one question: Nerdist podcast: very much NOT censored. Nerdist channel: Will it be FCC-compliantly censored?

  10. Alex R says:

    April 2nd is going to be the most incredible day. All these shows, Felicia Day’s channel and the return of Adventure Time. It’s pant-wettingly exciting.

  11. Peter says:

    So looking forward to this!

  12. Ben Z says:

    April 2 can not come soon enough!!!!!!!!

  13. Happy birthday, Christy! The rest of you, celebrate Christy’s birthday by subscribing! (Okay, I’m shameless, but, really, we’re excited…)

  14. Christy Weiss says:

    I’ve already subscribed and I can’t wait, it starts on my birthday so it’s like a little extra present just for me!