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The Shins Premiere “So Now What?” From Upcoming Zach Braff Film, WISH I WAS HERE

Zach Braff is good at making white people cry. For several disparate reasons–but his touchstone gateway to our tear ducts was 2004’s Garden State, which widely popularized The Shin’s “New Slang” and sharing headphones as a genius way to flirt with your crush.

And now ten years later, after a contentious Kickstarter campaign, Braff is back with his new film, Wish I Was Here, which will feature “So Now What,” a new song by The Shins that you can listen to here via NPR. It is the sun-dappled indie rock fare you would expect from James Mercer and company, and it will clearly soundtrack a cloying moment of vulnerability between the Swear Jar-toting Braff and Kate Hudson. And, however begrudgingly, we will all choke up a bit.

The Wish I Was Here soundtrack will also include an original song by Bon Iver and a collaboration between Coldplay and Cat Power. Check out the trailer for the movie below and then feast your eyes on the very emotional soundtrack tracklist. Wish I Was Here will hit theaters nationally on July 25.

Wish I Was Here Soundtrack:

1. The Shins: “So Now What”
2. Gary Jules: “Broke Window”
3. Radical Face: “The Mute”
4. Hozier: “Cherry Wine (Live)”
5. Bon Iver: “Holocene”
6. Badly Drawn Boy: “The Shining”
7. Jump Little Children: “Mexico”
8. Cat Power & Coldplay: “Wish I Was Here”
9. Allie Moss: “Wait It Out”
10. Paul Simon: “The Obvious Child”
11. Japanese Wallpaper: “Breathe In [ft. Wafia]”
12. Bon Iver: “Heavenly Father”
13. Aaron Embry: “Raven’s Song”
14. The Weepies: “Mend”
15. The Head & the Heart: “No One to Let You Down”

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