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The Newest Food Trend is an Edible Ball of Moss

As if the internet wasn’t still recovering from Japanese water cake, now you can have your moss and eat it too. The newest treat to hit the food scene looks exactly like a ball of moss, basically a Japanese bonsai which is covered in mud, wrapped in moss and then suspended by a string.

Luckily this special Kokedama Ice dessert isn’t made with mud, its creamy center is actually a scoop of green tea ice cream. Koke is the Japanese word for moss and here spinach powder serves as a lifelike substitute. The edible moss ball is then and served on an apple puree. It’s all very refreshing and very, very green.

You may wonder how a plant would inspire a dessert but lets us in on the fact that the frozen treat was created by pastry chefs at the Oirase Keiryu Hotel in Japan’s Aomori prefecture, which is a magical resort that’s at one with nature.


The Aomori Prefecture is surrounded on three sides by the ocean and the restaurant is right on the banks of the Oirase mountain stream. This local moisture the moss is abundant and so famous that tourists come from all over the country just to see this gloriousness. I bet moss Instagram is blowing up. #moss.

Typical of Japanese confections, local surroundings are a huge influence when creating food. The Aomori prefecture is also known for its apples and often finding unique ways to incorporate them into dishes. So it’s no wonder that this sweet moss ball sits upon an Aomori apple blend.

The Kokedama Ice moss-inspired dessert will be available this summer from June 1 – Aug 31, and will set you back about 1,300 yen or $11.80 US dollars.

Can’t make it to Japan just for moss ice cream? You can always console yourself with a magical floating bonsai. Not as delicious but just as captivating.

Would you try a moss-like dessert? Let us know in the comments!

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