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The Future of Dessert Is Here, and It’s a Water Cake!

Cronuts? Please, that’s so last year. This is 2015, we are a people of the future, and we deserve something more cutting edge when it comes to desserts. More exclusive, more enchanting, more…translucent.

I give you… the water cake. To the naked eye it may look like the return of Clear Pepsi or a giant bubble of water, when in fact it’s a transparent piece of Japanese rice cake commonly known as Mizu Shingen Mochi. The best, most futuristic part about this dessert? If you don’t eat it within 30 minutes it disappears. To the future!

Mizu Shingen Mochi CakeCurrently shingen mochi is made and sold in two Kinseiken shops in Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan. Much like New Yorkers who line up for cronuts, the wait to get your hands on one of these water cakes can be up to an hour.

The cake is clear and jelly-like, and served with a sugar syrup and kinako, a roasted soybean flour that is often served with other types of mochi. Is it worth it? Well, if you like eating future food it is. Therefore yes, it’s worth it.

If you don’t want to travel to Japan, drive two hours, climb a mountain and wait in line for an hour, then just make it yourself at home by following this simple video with random measurements and very little direction. As the very futuristic Marty McFly would say, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

For more info on the cake check out RocketNews24‘s visit to the store.

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  1. kendermouse says:

    I was wondering why this looked so familiar, and then I remembered that I saw a post about this on RocketNews24 last year, but they didn’t have the added bonus of a video showing how it’s made.

  2. Kathy says:

    ive worked with agar to make veggie cheese this is like Agar, sugar and water it gells up its an algae that works the same as a gelitan.

  3. wayne says:

    It isn’t cake. It is jello. the agar in the procedure is a gelatin.

  4. Ziriken says:

    Think of it as a gummy candy. Theyre very easy to make if you have the right thermometer.

  5. Josh says:

    yeah so nothing special at all 

  6. Softpaw says:

    I’m not sure this really does either. it’s never explained or mentioned except for that one kinda jokey line.

  7. jadey says:

    I always say, if other people are in line for it it’s worth my time.

  8. mntryjoseph says:

    That is not honey in the recipe, it is brown rice syrup. Important to note for vegans.