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The Nerdist Channel Presents “S.U.D.S.,” “Cute Things Exploding,” “Nanna and Lil Puss Puss,” “Dr. Tran,” and Hard ‘n’ Phirm

At the Nerdist Channel, you’ll find a plethora of new shows, but as we mentioned when the lineup was unveiled, we’ll be offering a library of shows that you may have missed or just want to see again, now conveniently all in one place. Today, a bunch of those shows are being unleashed.

Now available at the Nerdist Channel:

S.U.D.S. (Simian Undercover Detective Squad): Ape detectives fight crime in L.A. in a series peoduced by Henson Alternative. In the first episode, you’ll see how Detectives Skreet and Yeager come to work together.

Cute Things Exploding: It’s self-explanatory, right? Kittens, baby seals, robots… boom. (No actual kittens or seals were harmed in the making of those videos. The robot, well….)

Nanna & Lil’ Puss Puss: Old lady vs. cat in the cartoon series created by Keith Alcorn (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Planet Sheen).

Dr. Tran: He’s a five-year-old boy, and he’s also America’s number one action hero… or, at least, the narration he hears tells him so. It gets weirder from there.

Hard ‘n’ Phirm: You know those guys.

There will be more, a LOT more. This is just the start. It would behoove you to subscribe to the Nerdist Channel now to find out what’s coming as soon as it’s available. Enjoy!

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  1. 2WheelTimelord says:

    Why are you stealing other peoples videos?
    If you want to highlight them then why not post a link to the original so that the creator gets the views/ ad dollars?
    Not only are you stealing views you mangled the doctor tram stuff by breaking it up into smaller segments.