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THE MUPPETS Episode 3: ‘Bear Left And Then Bear Write’

The third episode of The Muppets really kept the momentum going with tonight’s “Bear Left And Then Bear Write.” We saw some fairly endearing relationships between characters we know, the guest stars were utilized just the right amount, and we finally met the Muppet who appears to look like Dwight Schrute. Sadly, he’s not actually Dwight.

Tonight’s episode also featured solid and evenly distributed A, B, and C plots surrounding Kermit & Fozzie, Miss Piggy and Christina Applegate, and Gonzo and Liam Hemsworth. Our new incredibly creepy and sadly not Dwight Schrute character Chip was peppered in through each storyline as the IT guy assigned to the show.

Kermit & Fozzie

This week Kermit is put in a tough spot and has to break some bad news to his best friend. Fozzie, the show’s warm-up act and announcer, wrote a sketch that he has incredibly high hopes for. The problem is, Fozzie’s sense of humor isn’t always on point. Faced with this dilemma, Kermit panics at Rowlf’s Bar (hey, we finally get to see what Rowlf’s been up to!) and straight up lies to Fozzie about how great he thinks the sketch is. Of course, this inadvertently gives Fozzie an inflated sense of ego and leads him to quit the show and pursue a career in screenwriting. In order to find his muse, Fozzie heads off into the wilderness to reconnect with what makes him a bear. It’s hard not to draw parallels to The Office with this show, and this story in particular was very reminiscent of Michael & Dwight’s relationship. Especially with Fozzie going to find himself in the wilderness.


Image: NBC

This results in him eventually getting tranquilized by the forest service after scaring a family who had hung their food from a tree. Fozzie can’t get at it, proving the classic camping tip correct. It’s moments like this where the Muppets are both people and animals that make for some of the best comedy.

Guest star Nick Offerman comes in to replace Fozzie and wasn’t used enough, in my opinion. In the few short scenes we see, he’s been called in on a big favor and expects to be repaid with a boat. He also may be naming that boat “Janice.” I don’t know how I feel about human/muppet relations. Not in an insensitive way, it’s just… how do they work? Is the puppeteer involved?

Miss Piggy & Christina Applegate

If it wasn’t clear already, Miss Piggy is the Tracy Jordan of this new show: an exaggerated stereotype of a diva personality where everyone around her walks on eggshells and does their best to avoid any situation in which she would get embarrassed or angry. Thankfully for us, Gonzo fails at that this week, leading to this story line. After an embarrassing clip of Piggy at Applegate’s birthday party airs, Piggy seeks revenge and enlists the help of her personal assistant (I’m guessing), Scooter. Applegate sees nothing wrong with the clip and even shrugs off Piggy’s attempts at ending the friendship. It seems Christina accepts Piggy for who she is and understands she’ll fly off the handle every now and then. Speaking of acceptance, we also see her embrace The Swedish Chef’s life choice to be identified as “Meeghan.”

You børk you, chef. You børk you.

Gonzo and Liam Hemsworth

So apparently Gonzo and Camilla the chicken are done-zo. He’s been trying online dating, and the poor guy can’t even bring himself to use a real profile picture. He’s basically catfished a gal named Debbie with a photo of Liam Hemsworth. Luckily Gonzo, Pepe, and Rizzo use their clout as writers for the show to enlist the real Hemsworth to meet his lady for the first time. The hope is, Hemsworth will introduce her to the real Gonzo after the first meeting. This doesn’t go well for Gonzo (because what ever does?) but goes spectacularly for Liam as he’s finally found someone who doesn’t care about his good looks. No doubt Gonzo’s texts to Camilla that night read “R u up?”

Muppet Musings

  • Rowlf as a bar owner just seems to fit.
  • The Swedish Chef’s name is Meeghan!
  • “Elephant Beaver” is my new favorite description of Gonzo.
  • You guys! THE. SWEDISH. CHEF. Has a name, and it is Meeghan!
  • Chip the IT guy is creepy as hell and actually blinks. His pupils do, actually. It’s weird and unsettling.
  • Tranquilized Fozzie might be the best thing ever.
  • Poor Scooter needs a better job than having to deal with Piggy all the time.
  • Fozzie is going a bit gray in the eyebrows.

What are your thoughts on the third episode of The Muppets? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: ABC

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