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The Lonely Island Sang “I’m on a Boat” with Classroom Instruments On THE TONIGHT SHOW

Aww shirt
Get your towels ready
It’s about to go down
Everybody in the place hit the funky deck
But stay on your monkey funky toes

Now you can finally share the joy of proudly proclaiming to all audiences that you are, in fact, on a boat—you can even rope your young children into the celebration, thanks to this much more kid friendly version of The Lonely Island‘s song “I’m on a Boat.”

The group, made famous through their SNL Digital Shorts, joined in with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for a classroom instruments version of their ode to the sea on The Tonight Show. The symphony included kazoos, a wood block, a bass drum, a xylophone, bongos, a banana shaker, a ukulele, and a Casio keyboard. (Wait, how many of you had classrooms with a Casio keyboard? Why was your school way more fun than mine? We didn’t even have up-to-date maps.)

To really make it classroom-appropriate, though, Lonely Island removed all of the swear words from their raunchy song. Err, well, almost all of the swear words. Someone got a little too excited about their encounter with a mermaid…

The absolute best part of this is the commitment to the original joke from the video, where Jorma Taccone was sadly not included in Andy Samberg’s and Kieva Schaffer’s boat ride, so here he sits in silence wearing a dunce cap and reading Joy of the Land while they are performing. Watch it again and just focus on him the whole time.

Currently promoting their upcoming new movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, where Samberg plays a spoiled, Justin Bieber-like megastar musician, the trio has been making the talk show rounds, including a performance with Adam Levine recently on The Voice. We’ll probably see them keep popping up until the film’s release on June 3.

Hey, Mickey Dickey, tell us what you thought of this mother flipping version in the comments below.

Image: NBC

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