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Our Best (and Weirdest) STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer Theories

Screaming porgs, a Finn/Phasma showdown, Kylo and his cool scars, a terrified Luke, a sweet-looking crystal fox, Rey searching for answers, Snoke in the flesh, and our late Princess in all her General glory. There was a whole lot going on in the new trailer for The Last Jedi, and we broke it all down on a very special Star Wars only episode of Nerdist News Talks Back.

Piloting the ship today for the deepest of dives to the galaxy far, far away was managing editor Alicia Lutes, and she was joined by fellow editor Amy Ratcliffe, Geek and Sundry‘s Amy Vorpahl, Director of Development Brendon Schulze, and Mothership producer Derek Johnson. First they broke down the game tape from the fiercely fought Vikings/Bears Monday Night Football battle.


But they did share what jumped out at them from the trailer, their favorite moments, and whether they thought that final “moment” between Kylo and Rey was real or just some clever editing. They also talked about why Luke looks so worried and to whom his “power” comment might be referring. Also, will Rey’s training sessions with him mirror his own with Yoda on Dagobah? Will she have a telling vision the same way he did there? And do they think Kylo Ren really will fire on his mother’s ship (and yes, we’re still emotional after seeing Carrie Fisher), or is that moment of hesitation a sign of where his story is going?

From there they broke down the most anticipated showdown of them all: porgs versus that amazing new fox! Which team are we on now, screaming ball of fur or elegant crystal fox? Did the presence of some cuddly creatures make up for how little BB-8 and R2-D2 we got? And what about all those new ships like the Dreadnoughts, the upgraded X-Wings, Kylo’s ship, and the mega Star Destroyer? Most importantly, are those sweet Gorilla Walkers enough to overcome one of the old Empire’s biggest flaws: having their shoelaces tied together?

Finally, for as much as there was in the trailer, there were some obvious omissions. Where was the casino planet Canto Bight? What about new character Rose, and that reported Luke and Rey fight with the Knights of Ren? Are we actually glad things were left out? (And not just because it let us make some wild predictions which we definitely won’t be humble about if we’re right.)

And now that director Rian Johnson has retracted his previous statement and encouraged us to “watch it watch it watch it” (as though we weren’t doing that anyway), how many viewings will be required to tide us over until the movie hits theaters this December?

As always, Nerdist News Talks Back was live at 1:00 p.m. PST on our YouTube and Alpha channels, just like it is every weekday. You can get in on the conversation with us when you tune in live.

Because even though technically everything in The Last Jedi trailer happened a long, long time ago, it’s all new to us. And we need to talk about it, or we’ll spend every day until it comes out screaming like a porg on the Millennium Falcon, when wed much rather be as dignified as the elegant fox.

Oh and BEFORE WE FORGET — our Monster Madness poll is still going strong! Who are you voting for this round?

We still want to hear your thoughts on the trailer, what you’re most excited for, and what you think will happen in the movie. So hit the hyperdrive and talk back to us in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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