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Episode 11: The K Ohle with Kurt…
Pet-O-Philia with Grace…

The K Ohle #11: Pet-O-Philia with Grace Helbig

Kurt sits down with comedian, actress, and YouTube superstar Grace Helbig, to talk about her dog Goose, how Bonobo monkeys have sex constantly, and play another exciting round of “Pet Name or Racial Slur”.

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Thanks to Nick Thorburn from Islands for creating the theme song!

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  1. Mariana says:

    In Portuguese is cocórócócó

  2. Sheldon J says:

    Grace is the best! This is my first K Ohle and I like it. Btw,

  3. TM says:

    Yeah. Gorillas, such as Koko, are apes, not monkeys, too. The South American monkeys who are cadging tourist booze dregs would be monkeys. Apes and monkeys are about as different as bears and raccoons…

  4. Abdullah Abdulhadi says:

    im here for Grace

    love you so much !!!!

  5. Alex says:

    I think grace needs to get her brother to teach her how evolution works.

  6. Kat says:

    How do you listen to this podcast?

  7. Todd Mason says:

    Will be listening. But bonobos are apes, as humans are, not monkeys. In fact, bonobos are the other apes who even look the most like us…and their sexuality is most like ours among the other apes…

  8. sharon says:

    I just listened to the intro and got super excited when you said this is Grace of “Daily Grace”. I’ve been watching her videos on YouTube for a while and she is fantastic. Very glad she’s made an appearance on Nerdist!

  9. bastien says:

    I give this episode 5 Gracefaces!