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Doctor Who Wiimote: It Was Only a Matter of Time (get it?)

drwhowiimoteAs per the Official Nintendo Magazine, there will soon be an official sonic screwdriver Wii Remote.  Now all I need is a Wii I guess.

I think they should make a sonic screwdriver universal remote, not unlike this magic wand you can get via  Get on that, would you BBC?

Image: Amazon/Blue Ocean Accessories

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  1. Rob Mash says:

    I have an imported one, it works just fine on American Wii systems. AND it’s rechargeable. Best birthday present ever.

  2. Kitty Elvis says:

    Will we get these in the US???

  3. Chelsea says:

    You know they are also making a stylus for the Nintendo DS in the form of 11’s sonic? I’m rebuying a Nintendo DS for this reason only. You can also get a cover with Amy Pond on it for all you boys who love gingers. 😛

  4. Jen says:

    I totally have 10’s. It lights up and makes noise. It is beyond cool!

  5. Hanna says:

    That’s it…I’m seriously moving to the UK. I need more education to teach there but I might be able to convince someplace into signing my work visa permit.

    Would I move to the UK for better sci-fi and the other bajillion shows I watch on the BBC?* Stay tuned.

    *Disclaimer: I totally would but that bit may not be as easy to acquire as I’d hope

  6. Cristina says:

    I was going to buy a playstation 3 but if I get to have a sonic screwdriver wii remote, then I am getting a wii

  7. Nan says:

    Yes but to quote 10, “this is so very not good” because the Wii games are only for the UK ‘region” & for us across the pond Whoians we are DENIED our precious Who gaming crack.

    Just saying is all. nan

  8. Jesus says:

    *sqwee* I so want that :3

  9. Colby says:

    I agree with a universal sonic idea. I’ve seen considering getting handy with my sonic and turning it into something like that myself.

  10. Fish4em says:

    The only Screwdriver I want is the one made with Vodka and OJ.

  11. kristy says:

    Sadly, though, it’s not 10’s screwdriver… i would totally go buy a wii if they made that one… :0)

  12. Luneowl says:

    This and the Tron controllers for Xbox and PS3 would make my geek life complete!

  13. Lincoln says:

    If you only had a Wii, Kyle, I’d have something (else) to get you for Christmas…

  14. Victoria says:

    I need this so much.

  15. Evan Thomas says:

    WANT. I wonder if it makes the noise?

  16. As a man with seven wiimotes, I say: now I need to have eight.