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Episode 74: The JV Club
Jackie Kashian
The JV Club

The JV Club #74: Jackie Kashian

Proud Wisconsinite and The Dork Forest podcast creator Jackie Kashian joins Janet for a discussion about the families we love – even as they drive us nuts- to books, books, and more books, with a sprinkling of dogs, dorks, and death thrown in for good measure.

Listen to Jackie’s podcast The Dork Forest!

THE SENIOR CLASS is a Beautiful Animated Film with an Ugly Message (Fantasia Review)

THE SENIOR CLASS is a Beautiful Animated Film with an Ugly Message (Fantasia Review)

Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

Giraffes Barely Sleep, and When They do, it's on Their Butts

The Meg's True Size According to Math

The Meg's True Size According to Math



  1. Sophia Brooks says:

    I, too read SO MANY Barbara Cartland novels. They were all the same, and all the heroines… talked like…. this… So many ellipses!

  2. maria perez says:

    @ Todd: Thanks Todd for your explanation!I wont be using ‘balls the size of Gibraltar’ then!I am always trying to learn slang words and common phrases!so…i will use your alternatives for sure!
    oh!I am from Spain and I know where Gibraltar is ( and its size)…so i guess..having the balls the size of Gibraltar…wouldnt be very flattering!! šŸ™‚
    @ oh Paul!your comment makes me so much better! To get a shout-out is just an amazing feeling!I think all the symptons and side effects are worth it!
    @Everybody; I hope you are all excited about this week’s podcast…no matter who the guest is!Great comments!

  3. Scott B. says:

    That should be TIME travel, where Tim travels is his own business!

  4. Scott B. says:

    This was a Super Fun Time episode! Considering how dark so many early parts of Jackie Kashian’s life was, it’s amazing she can recall those times with such a sense of humor! I’ve heard nothing but great things about that Stephen King book (11/22/1963 – – the actual title), tim travel and alternate history is always good!

  5. Paul says:

    I hear ya, Maria. I always blush a little when I’m mentioned in the shout-outs.

  6. Andy Brown says:

    My soul has been slightly elevated by this episode. You 2 have great rapport and I’m looking forward to the journal-off. Thanks!

  7. Amy says:

    This was one of the episodes that I was genuinely sad when it was over. A part II is definitely in order! I am about to go download some episodes of Dork Forest. I also loved the Locke and Key shout out by Jackie- awesome, awesome books. And last but definitely not least- new pup! What’s her name? How old is she? Is she incredibly, unbelievably cute?

    AND as a call back to Vanessa Ragland’s episode- there is definitely a movie on Netflix called “L!fe Happens” starring Krysten Ritter and I think you girls should get royalties on it. According to the summary, It’s about hipsters having a baby. Because when they least expected it- l!fe happened.

  8. Miller says:

    Jackie’s story about her brother joining the army reminded me of something. Just last year, I was applying to join the RAAF, and the psychology officer said that I have an unusual name (my first name is Miller). I joked saying that I have two “last names”, and he laughed and said that he got the opposite because his name was Lt. Pete.

    That’s really interesting that Jackie’s brother got a Capt. Bill, and I never once thought that there’s a “relatability” aspect to military recruitment. Fascinating. Of course, it could be coincidence.

    Also, Aussie Rules football really is something special. I encourage any ‘sporty’ people who haven’t heard of it to check it out.

    Great episode all-round, as always.

  9. PJ says:

    Mmm… pie. There’s three kinds of sweet pies and three temperatures. Apple: cold (and no cinnamon ! spices ruin the taste); blueberry: room temperature; and sugar pie: warm. OK, there’s other kinds of sweet pies, but those are the essential three, the rest I can live without… There’s tons of savoury ones, but here’s the one essential meat pie.

    Fun podcast, you will have to do a part 2, and I’ll comment on something more than that one little MASH option…

  10. Todd Mason says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t remember quite that line, so much as her cheerfully self-deprecating joke that her amorous activity is akin to her approach to stand-up–earnest and hard-working.

    Maria, “balls the size of Gibraltar” is at least not common a euphemism in American English, as it might require some knowledge of where and what Gibraltar is…and the delightful accent the residents speak with…I tend to think of “ballsy” women as having ovaries of iron, since “ovaries the size of Gibraltar “sounds like it could’ve been part of one of Jackie’s father’s jokes…(“y’know, just kidding”)…

    Excellent interview, indeed too short, and I’m looking forward to the Varney thicket of the Dork Forest…

  11. Al says:

    On her podcast, Jackie Kashian called herself the “good sport of fucking”.

  12. maria perez says:

    Aaamazing podcast!It was great to be introduced to yet another incredible woman!
    Thank you very much Janet for the shout-out(s) and thanks Paul for chatting with me!I think shout-outs are not good for my health cuz when Janet said my name my body got cold and tense and then I got all sweaty (the kind of feeling you get when you are on a swing and you reach the highest point and thennnn…you go backwards!)I guess all this has to do with my fear of being the centre of attention.Nevertheless…thanks JaneT for mentioning me…it always makes me emotional and teary-eyed!I appreciate your devotion to your fans and how much you take us into account!
    As i said before, great podcast!i loved hearing you both chat!Jackie has amazed from the very beginning…I love her attitude towards life!I am gonna start listening to her podcast asap!To be honest,I am kinda curious about her ‘sex stories’ and I am not sure why!
    My fav, topic of the podcast (apart from: Jackie’s childhood and her passion for (civil war)literature!) was her high school reunion!!!I am v.exited about it!Hopefully, she will talk about it in her podcast!Personally, every year I get to meet up with my ‘primary/secondary school’ friends and it amazes me how different we all have become!most of them are now married and have children of their own …which somehow affects me since I am single and childless (with a very loud biological clock ticking!)however, I am very glad for them and I love their kids!!
    Last but not least, I loved : 1) Patricia’s advice!I always appreciate women’s wisdom, 2) the references to Janet’s house and pets! (as I always do!) 3) the cootie catcher’s question and MASH!!4)Fav.quotations A)MASH game…name 3 foods…BOOZE!!! B) Jackie; You have balls the size of Gibraltar!!(is that supposed to be an idiom?)
    I hope you all have enjoyed the podcast!!
    maria x
    PS: Oh!A topic that was very common when I was a teen was ‘tattoos and piercings’ …do you think the JV guest would be into that matter??

  13. Paul says:

    Hall of Fame worthy episode. I want Part 2!

    Jackie Kashian is one of those people with interesting life experiences (and memory) and a gift of storytelling. It is a rare combination, but when you come across it you feel better having experienced it.


  14. Mark says:

    This is a fantastic episode so far. I really need to check out The Dork Forest :p

  15. Todd Mason says:

    Yup…that looks like how I’d suspect the young teen Jackie to have appeared fairly frequently…as if taking in the immediate surroundings with some skepticism and simultaneously pondering the alternative places and ways to be…looking forward to hearing this one later today!