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Episode 6: The JV Club
Natasha Leggero
The JV Club

The JV Club #6: Natasha Leggero

Capsizing school buses. Pen pal cruelty. Nude photography. In other words, just another high school memoir. Note: this episode also contains a high amount of violently loud outbursts of laughter in the form of A. Cackles* (*Natasha Leggero) and B. Guffaws* (*Janet Varney).

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  1. PJ says:

    I know it’s a year later, but I just feel like commenting. Last time I went to a concert, I actually really thought about filming part of it with my phone, and did take a couple of pictures before the start of the show and after the first part. But I could not bring myself to actually do this during the performance. You just don’t do that for Mozart.

    And marmots are large ground squirrels, pretty much groundhogs and the like. So when’s that bikini-road-carcasses-picking reality show coming? 😀

  2. Sarah says:

    Not at all surprised that Natasha Leggero used to be mean.

  3. Janet says:

    Hey Kate! Thanks for the suggestion! That totally makes sense. Sometimes I try to skip the super-specific, potentially uncomfy questions, but my conundrum is that I am always hoping that the ladies will feel okay talking about those specific things because I think it’s so interesting to learn about those specific issues and how they affected – or didn’t affect- the guests. But heavens knows I DO want the podcast to flow! Also, thanks for listening! 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Commenting because on this episode Janet mentions she reads the comments 😉 I think things might flow a bit better if rather than asking questions that you have to worry someone doesn’t want to answer about dating/drugs/whatever, the questions were more open ended. Like is there anything you look back at from high school that makes you cringe? What was the gutsiest thing you did in high school?

  5. Rich says:


  6. Rich says:

    Love the podcast! Keep ’em coming. Natasha has such a bute laugh!! 🙂

  7. Rev. Mike says:

    I loved listening to this podcast because I am fascinated that Natasha is from Rockford. I am too & wonder if Natasha was ever a bitch to me. She is 3 years older than me, but I went to Holy Family Catholic School 1st through 4th grade. I had friends who went to St. Bridget’s and Boylan HS, which I assume is where Natasha went. By that time I had moved to Roscoe. I did party in Rockford and of course I had a thing for Catholic Girls, but I was a druggie punk kid so I can only imagine Natasha would have looked down on me.

  8. SeaKo says:

    best ironic quotes from this episode:
    “everyone is evolving” “i’m not a bad person”

    ..and so by the 2nd minute of this conversation i’m going to make a ignorant judgemental generalization and claim that this one group of women (because it is always & only the females right?) were molested and abused.

    Fun stuff!

    Worst guest so far Janet, sorry. 🙁

  9. janet says:

    Thanks for the great comments, guys! Todd- thanks for the confidence-booster! Cristal- loved your comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I absolutely want to extend beyond Hollywood ladies. There are a couple upcoming eps that stray a bit, but you’re right – I need to broaden my focus even more– will do! Alec- couldn’t agree with you more- I loved what Natasha discovered in that moment. I’m trying to be more honest for that exact reason!

  10. Alec says:

    I thought that ‘accidental honesty’ thing was really interesting.

    If I get into a conversation with somebody and I really disagree with something they’re saying, I tend to just withdraw inwards and wait for them to stop talking. Sometimes being a jerk and just yelling at them is healthier!

  11. Kristal says:

    Great podcast. I look forward to it every week. My friends and I often talk about our teen years and if only we could tell our teen selves . . . I’m hoping you are able to book women outside the entertainment industry for your show. It would be interesting to see how their teen life differs or is the same. I’m thinking not so many theater geeks, and more Mathletes. Thanks for the sincerity.

  12. Todd Mason says:

    There are other interviewers who say “Yeah” and make other indication noises more than you do, Ms. Varney…it’s actually rather charming, and not disruptive, if not “radio professional” (but podcasts don’t need to conform to radio protocol).

    FWIW, the racist jackass referred to “woolies” because of the natural curl of African hair.

    This episode is an interesting counterpoint, in part, to the SEX NERD virginity discussion…

  13. postm says:

    cool podcast

  14. postm says:

    thats not what i typed

  15. postm says:

    hot into not