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The Gregory Brothers Imagine STAR WARS as a Musical

There are certain formulas you can apply to things on the internet in order to make absolutely wonderful things. Animals + little clothes = a hit. Fast food + weirdness = a hit. Bacon + well, pretty much any other food = a hit. There’s also an unwritten law that if you introduce Star Wars to any sort of music, you’ve usually got something pretty fun on your hands. Hell, I have my job here because of that particular formula.

The Gregory Brothers, who you also may know as YouTube’s Schmoyoho or the “Songify The News” folks have taken this time-tested formula and created their own musical Star Wars by, well, actually making songs for Star Wars: The Musical. As masters of auto-tune and re-cutting clips, Schmoyoho combed through the Star Wars cinematic universe to create a few damn catchy songs. Presenting their work as if the films were always intended to be a musical series, they introduce their first tune “Tosche Station” which will find you undoubtedly singing along within seconds.

They then go on to intro a few more songs including a quasi-’60s pop song cut from the “Scruffy looking Nerf Herder” lines from The Empire Strikes Back, a love song revolving around Anakin’s disdain for sand, and a modern pop tune explaining the birds and the bees and the Force called “Conceived by Midi-Chlorians.” The video ends with a dance tune that’s a nod to the theories of Jar Jar Binks being an undercover Sith lord throughout the prequel films that we’re still pretty sure could be true.

As what appears to be a new series of Songify the Movies, we absolutely cannot wait to see what Schmoyoho puts out in the future. What movies do you think they should apply their talent to? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

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