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THE FOREST with Natalie Dormer Gets Creepy New Trailer, Poster

“You’re not real!”

Maybe, but you might want to stay on the path anyway.

The newest trailer for the upcoming horror film The Forest, starring Game of Thrones and Hunger Games actress Natalie Dormer, sends us to the base of Mount Fuji, where “lost people go to commit suicide.”

The “Suicide Forest” of the film is the very real Aokigahara Forest in Japan, and it is there that Dormer’s character, a young American woman named Sara, travels to look for her twin sister. Upon finding her sister’s tent, she ignores the pleas of the locals to “stay on the path” and avoid the forest that they know is haunted by the souls of those that went in and never returned. Based on this trailer, she might have wanted to heed their advice.

The creepiest part of this trailer, even more so than the ghosts and hands that keep reaching for her, might be the constant whispering of “Sara.” I don’t even like when someone yells my name in a crowd, let alone whispers it in a dark forest.

Besides the new trailer, Gramercy also released a new poster for the film that might be spooky enough to keep you from going into your own backyard.


Besides Dormer the film also stars Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire), who plays an expatriate that allows Sara to accompany his group into the forest.

The Forest opens on January 8th and is directed by Jason Zada.

What do you think of this new trailer? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: Gramercy Pictures

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