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Natalie Dormer Goes Into THE FOREST in Terrifying New Trailer

Stay on the path.

That’s the ominous warning ignored by Natalie Dormer in the trailer for her new horror movie, The Forest.

The trailer, released as an exclusive by MTV, shows Dormer, best known as Margaery Tyrell om HBO’s Game of Thrones, as Sara, a worried sister who goes looking for her identical twin, Jess, in what is known as “Suicide Forest,” a mysterious and dark place in the shadow of Mount Fuji in Japan… a place where “lost people go to commit suicide.” Convinced that her sister needs her help, she goes into the “very dangerous” forest, where “spirits cannot rest.”

“They come back—angry.”

Based on this creepy trailer, it seems like “angry” might be an understatement.

Once she arrives in the forest, the one locals are afraid of (always listen to the locals!), she quickly ignores the warnings to stay on the path when she finds her sister’s tent. Determined not to leave without her twin, she elects to stay with the tent. What she finds appears to be those restless spirits she was warned about.

The movie is the feature film debut of director Jason Zada, and also features Taylor Kinney (Zero Dark Thirty).

The Forest opens on January 8, but you can see Dormer on the big screen again next month when she and her awesome haircut return for the final Hunger Games movie,  Mockingjay—Part 2, which opens on November 20th.

So what’s the most scared you have ever been in a forest? Tell us in the comments below or we’ll haunt you until you do.

Image: MTV/Lava Bear Films

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